Friday, 11 January 2013

Weaning - Finger Foods

If you didn't see my last weaning update then check it out HERE. As promised here is a post including some fingers foods what we give Paige.

Paige is nearly 8 months old and here is the fingers food she has/will be trying in the next couple of weeks...

Toast with a little butter (I cut Paige's into solders)
Bagels (cut in chunks)
Cooked vegetables (Paige's loves cooked carrot sticks) Broccoli and cauliflower are good too... Baby can hold the stalk!
Soft fruit (banana, melon ect)
Scrambled egg
Hard boiled eggs (cut up)
Small pieces of cooked chicken/turkey
Cooked pasta (Paige has tuna pasta bake)

I want to try get Paige eating more fingers food so that two our of her 3 meals a day are finger foods. I think this will work well for us as Paige much prefers to feed herself.

What finger foods does your little one have?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx


  1. My little one loved feeding herself too. Little squares of cut up sandwich with ham and cheese were always good. We also found that pasta twists were the easiest for her to pick up and eat, she loved them in a homemade tomato sauce. L x

    1. Paige loves pasta! She still hasn't tried a sandwich but i'm sure she will soon x

  2. Thomas is enjoying spread cheese sandwiches lately and slices of pepper recently too

    1. How does he get on with the sandwich. Paige hasn't had bread unless toasted x


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