Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Getting Paige To Nap In Her Cot

Paige is 8 and a half months old now and she still doesn't nap in her cot. At night she is so good at putting herself to sleep but for some reason hates napping in her cot.

I have decided that she is getting far too big to be napping on me so things are changing.

I made notes each day and thought I would record our progress over 5 days and hopefully help someone out!

Day 1
I changed paige's nappy, gave her a bottle which is refused to drink then set her down in her cot with her sea horse. She moaned a little then whined. After 5 minutes I went back in, laid her back down and tried her with her bottle again. Again she refused. She cried. I didn't leave her when she started to scream because she makes herself sick if she screams a lot, so I went in and rocked her. I laid her down and she cried again. Not as much so I walked out. She was still moaning so I went back in to find her asleep, I walked into the cot and woke her up (clever mummy!). She has the rest of bottle and falls asleep.
Time taken 30mins. Slept 1 and a half hours

Put her in cot. Moaning for about 10minutes. Asleep
Time taken 10mins. Slept 1 and a half hours

Day 2
We were out. Napped in her pram for 30mins.

Took 20mins to fall asleep. She moaned a little but I didn't go in. Slept 2 hours

Day 3
Put her down left her 5 mins. Gave her a little rock as she was screaming and put her back down. Asleep in 10mins. Slept for 1 hour 20 mins

I rock her a little put her down and asleep in 5 mins.

Day 4
Rocked a little. Asleep in 10mins but only for 40mins.

Rocked a little. No crying. Straight asleep. Slept for 1 and a half hours.

Day 5
Took 40mins to go to sleep. I feel like we have taken 5 steps backwards but I stuck with it and we got there in the end. Slept 1 and a half hours.

Took 10mins. Slept an hour.

I think everything has gone to plan this week. Some days Paige still takes about 20 minutes to go to sleep but others I put her down and she is asleep straight away. She mostly takes longer when her teeth are playing up. I find if I rock her a little until her eyes start to go I can lay her down and she falls straight asleep. I do the same thing each day for each nap. I change her nappy, put her in her sleeping bag. If she doesn't go to sleep in 10 minutes it either means she is hungry or her teeth hurt.

This was last week. So far this week she has been very good and has been asleep within 10 minutes each time I have out her down for a nap.

The days of her napping on me and pinning me to the sofa are long gone!! Apart of me is sad that she doesn't nap on me anymore but it is nice to have some mummy time while she naps.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


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