Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moving House

During my life I have lived in 8 houses. That's on average a new house every 3 years!! I find that so crazy. Mark on the other hand has lived in 2. I feel like for some reason this is more acceptable. After all why would you want to move around. I don't feel like its fair on children to move them around that often. But that is all I've known.

We have lived in our current house for just over 2 years now and we are starting to think about moving into a new one. Our current house is a back to back with two good sized bedrooms and a little garden but I feel we are out growing it already. Once Paige is up and walking I know that it will defiantly feel like it is getting too small.

Our current house is rented but we would love to buy our own house. I've always dreamt about becoming a mummy and owning my own house. I have achieved one of my dreams by giving birth to Paige now for the next. The main reason for wanting to buy a house is to give Paige the security of living in one house for most of her life. I feel that this would be something special and something I didn't experience. Another reason is that if/when we decide to have another baby we will need the extra third bedroom that we don't currently have. Our family also all live quite far away so we need all the room we can for when they come and stay.

When looking in to buying a house a lot of things come into play... First up is thinking about what we want out of a new house and looking at mortgages. Ideally 3 bedrooms, just incase we do decide to give Paige a little brother or sister :) I'd love a big garden for Paige to run around in and for Millie to play in. We then have other things to think about... the area and the schools for when Paige is older.

I feel like choosing your long time family home is a big thing to do but I am very excited and can't wait.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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  1. We currently rent atm too but I'd love to buy our own. But no money :( xx


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