Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Paige's 9-12m Check Up

Today we had Paige's 9-12m check up. I was a little nervous to be honest. Like every mum I want to make sure my baby is developing well. I was also very excited. I couldn't wait to see how much she weighed as we haven't had her properly weighed for a good few months.

The health visitor was very pleased and said that her development is beyond what they expect at this age. She was very happy to see her crawling, pulling up and taking steps. Her hips are perfect and all her measurements were spot on.

Now Paige has always been a big baby. Big in every sense... Length, weight and head circumference. And she still continues to be the same way. I have no idea where she gets it from!

So for the numbers....

My big girl weighs in at 23lb 13oz!!!
She is at least 75cm but she was laid in a banana like fashion so is easily 76/77cm. But the health visitor didn't want to stress Paige out and try to measure her again.
Her head circumference measures in at 47cm.

She's a big girl. She is on the 98th percentile for everything but perfect in everyway. She has always been on this percentile and is just growing well.

We also got given a book start pack, tooth brush and tooth paste, sippy cup. Always nice to get free stuff :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx


  1. I absolutely love Paige's facial expressions! She is so funny.

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