Wednesday, 17 April 2013

11 Months Old

Only one short month until Paige turns 1!!  I don't even know where to begin.

She isn't quite walking yet. She is fully capable, has fantastic balance and will walk so fast holding onto one of your hands but just doesn't have any desire to walk more than 2/3 steps on her own. She will let go and walk to get to something while cruising but that's it. She basically runs while pushing her walker and you can tell she doesn't need it as she just stands the flinging it about in a different direction to which she is walking. I think that she thinks that crawling is so much easier and quicker so just does that. Maybe she also needs to get her confidence up too. She loves to climb. She climbs on and off the sofa, off the bed, up the stairs, into her toy box.

She loves feeding herself her bottles now and wants to do it all the time. She has been able to do it since she was around 4/5 months I think but now wants to do it. She still loves her bottles and her milk. She is also gaining a few favourite foods... kiwi, bread sticks, yogurt, cheese and grapes to name a few.

Her sleep... I feel like just as it gets sorted something messes it up. This time was a development leap and teething, she now has 3 teeth!!! This development leap is crazy. She refuses to nap and wakes up during the night and refuses to settle back to sleep for up to two hours. She will sleep through on occasion... about once a week at the moment.

She understands wave, give kisses, splash, dance, jump. She also comes and gives cuddles which is the sweetest thing. She puts things in and out of bowls, is learning to put stacking rings on her pyramid thing and she can sort the shapes on her walker. She talks a lot more to herself and to us. Mark swears that she said Millie.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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