Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mummy Wins Again

Having a baby is the most wonderful thing that someone can do. But it can also be hard and does change your life forever. One of the main things that changed for us was the financial side of things. We knew what having a baby would mean and Paige was 100% planned so we were prepared but things are still hard at times.

As I am sure most of you parents can relate, saving money can be a near impossible thing to do when you have little ones. We have always compared prices on the basic household utility bills to try and make our money go that little bit further. Recently we have been discussing whether to buy contents insurance, I see it as a given that everyone should have it, but Mark is one of those who just assumes that we'll never use it! I highlighted that surely it's better not to risk it now we have Paige to worry about, and gave the scenario 'what would we do if the house was broken into and all of our things were taken?', 'how could we afford to replace most of it?'. Again his response was pretty much 'it will never happen!'.

I jumped online to do a little searching to show that the math's made sense and that realistically we couldn't afford to live without it, it just isn't worth the risk. I showed Mark how affordable it is and this started to make him come around to the idea, I think he just always assumed it would be too expensive. I even took him through all the different types we could get and showed him how easy it is to 
compare home insurance prices. Now our contents are fully insured and we don't even notice our new small monthly outgoing. It really is a relief knowing that if the worst did happen we would be able to replace our things, and not have to scrimp and save and risk Paige going without, or not having her toys that she loves so much.

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