Tuesday, 21 May 2013

12 Month Update

I honestly can't believe that Paige is 12 months old.

 Since 11 months Paige has come on a lot. She started walking full time at just over 11 months old so now at 12 months she is very confident at walking. She is getting more confident at walking outside in her shoes each time we go out. She has started trying to run inside. It is so cute to watch her. She can also stand up by herself without pulling up. 

She will also brush her hair and blow kisses. 

She now has 4 teeth. Her sleep is a lot better. Most nights she sleeps through but when teething she normally either wakes super early (5am) or will wake during the night. She is normally easily settled. 

A big development this month is her attachment to her rabbit. It was like she woke up one day and just had to carry him everywhere, she takes him to bed and out with her. She loves him to pieces. He helps calm her down and provides comfort for her. Instead of waking up crying from naps she sits and cuddles him and I hear her talking to him. So sweet! She is also developing attachments to other teddies and her blanket.

She doesn't say too many words, mama, dada, she will also say hi. The first time she said hi she actually waved when she said it so I do think she understands what it means. I've noticed that she is quite shy around other people and will barely make a sound when we are out or around people. Even if she knows them it takes her a while to warm up to them enough to start talking and babbling. She also says ta and yes. She has also started to say Daddy rather than dada.

Her personality shows more and more each day and I fall more in love with her every day. She's a bit like me. Shy around people she doesn't know and then her personality comes flying out when she gets more used to people.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Hey, great post I enjoyed reading it. I remember this stage with both my boys it was a lovely but sad stage. They still have their teds for comfort I'd say it has been really helpful for soothing them. I can't wait for Olivia to get to that stage but on the other hand I still want her to be a baby lol strange feeling isn't it.


    1. Thank you :) It is a very strange feeling indeed. X

  2. Aww, she is developing beautifully honey. She is do fantastic, I bet you are a very proud mummy!

    I just checked and Evie formed an attachment to her bunny a couple of weeks before she turned one! Although he is looking somewhat battered now, she takes him everywhere with her (to bed, to the shops, she has even tried to take him with her when she has a bath lol). If she cannot see him she suddenly starts looking about for him saying "bunny, bunny" They can provide so much comfort for them, its lovely xxx

    1. Thank you sweetie!!

      That is so sweet. Paige seems to have changed for another teddy now hehe. Maybe she just hasn't found the right one yet lol x

    2. Aww bless her, I am sure she will find the 'one' soon and will not want to let it go xx

  3. Gosh in that first pic she looks about 2! She really is growing beautifully

  4. Such a cutie! I also have a 2 months old baby boy and so such adorable, if you talk to them they smile ~ melts my heart.
    Coming from The Friday Chaos Blog Hop

  5. She's absolutely adorable! I'm visiting from Friday Chaos too, and I'm already a follower. :)


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