Friday, 24 May 2013

Mummy Update - 12 Months Post Partum

12  months already!! I did my last mummy update at 6 months post partum, if you want to read that you can see it HERE.

I feel back to normal and have properly since before 6 months. I have lost all the baby weight and I'm actually under my goal weight so I weigh more or less the same as before I got pregnant. I fit into my old clothes and for the most part feel pretty good with where my body is at. I also feel very lucky because I didn't have to go on a mad diet or do loads of exercise and the weight seemed to fall off me.

My body shape isn't the same as before and certainly doesn't look the same although I weigh the same. I am wanting to start running again when/if the weather picks up a bit so that I can tone my stomach up a little as I do have a little extra pouch. Here is my 12 month post partum belly.
My stretch marks are still there and still visible but I really don't mind. My baby left them for me to remember that I carried her a full 40 weeks and 5 days and made her into the big healthy baby that she was. To be honest I got some bio oil and I was applying it but I stopped. I may start again to try improve them a but more but in person they are quite faded. I have a few of them on my hips and a few around my belly button.

My hair is pretty much back to normal and doesn't fall out as much as it did before.

How did you feel at 12 months post partum?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. True what you say about stretch marks they are a sign you carried your beautiful healthy baby. i couldn't care less about mine I go swimming and wear a tankini that shows them and I aren't bothered if anybody else doesn't like the look

  2. I'd say that for me, the year marker was when I felt like I'd really got my body back too. My body held on to a teeny bit of the baby blubber while I continued to breastfeed but once he stopped at a year that last bit of weight dropped and I felt really great. Only problem was that it was short lived as I was already pregnant again. I had about a month of feeling skinny and fab again before the new bump started! x

  3. You look fantastic!!!! I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy but still want to tone up. As im still breastfeeding i think I eat way too much haha!!!


  4. I hadnt and still havnt lost all the baby weight, I have stretch marks but I really dont care, we call my stretch marks Love lines! Im slightly plumper than I was but not overweight in fact hubby says i was too skinny before anyway!


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