Thursday, 30 May 2013

Paige's 1st Birthday Party

To see what we did over her birthday check out Paige's 1st birthday post.

Like I said in that post on the Sunday after her birthday we held a little party at our house. I had invited 5 of my friends and there babies. We just wanted something small and it turned out perfect!

During the morning I was running around like a head less chicken. I was trying to ice the cake, decorate the buns and make all the food. I was very proud with how the cake and buns turned out :) I then had to decorate the house. I didn't go mad. We had balloons on the gate, birthday banners and pictures of Paige making a number 1! Which everyone loved!! I wanted to make some more decorations but didn't have time, rubbish excuse I know. 

Before the party
 Then it was time for people to arrive. When people started arriving Paige was very grumpy, wasn't smiling at anyone and all she wanted was mummy and daddy, poor thing. She soon warmed up and was playing with all the babies. We all played, laughed and had fun. It was then present time so we opened the presents and again Paige was very spoilt. Such a lucky girl!!

Next was my favourite part... Cake time!! I lit the candle and we all sang happy birthday to Paige. She loved it but in true Paige style got a little shy and wanted mummy. I didn't mind. Mark got her to walk into the front room while we sang, she loved it and in that moment nothing in the world mattered apart from my little girl. I love the second picture below which captured the moment perfectly.


After that things started to wind down. Some babies were getting tired and it was nap time for most of them. I handed out the party bags which included a bath toy, bubbles and some white chocolate buttons. All of Paige's favourite things :)
1st family picture with our 1 year old!
Relaxing after the party

We do have a lot more pictures, over the weekend I actually took over 400 pictures but most have family and friends in and I didn't want to have them floating around the internet so I picked a few for you all to see. I hope you like them! We had a fab 1st birthday party. I wouldn't of changed a thing!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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