Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review - Fisher Price Cookie Jar

Sometimes children need to warm up to a toy. You get it and at first they aren't that interested. They might have a little play every now and again but still prefer others.

Paige was defiantly like this with the fisher price cookie jar. But then something clicked and she suddenly thought it was amazing. If you read my blog you will know that I normally do a lot of research when it comes to toys. And this is another that has great reviews so when Paige wasn't interested I was a little surprised as others babies love it. But all she needed was time.

The fisher price cookie jar is a shape sorter suitable from 6 months old. It is very brightly coloured and plays music and teaches shapes and numbers. There are 5 different shaped cookies to play with each in a different colour. Available to buy HERE.

Paige now loves her cookie jar and it is one of her most played with toys. At first she liked putting the cookies in the top of the jar. She would spend ages taking them out and putting them back in again. Now she is learning how to put the shapes in the correct holes around the side. She started with the circle as this is the easiest shape as it has no corners. She can now do the triangle, square and is still learning with the heart and star. Each time she puts her hand in the jar or sorts a shape correctly then the little cookie jar sings to her and she frequently dances to it. A big thumbs up from us!

Does your little one have the Fisher Price Cookie Jar?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Sorting toys are great, but I have to admit to being a traditionalist and liking the old wooden type.

    1. I do love the wooden type toys too but this was a nice gift :) x

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