Friday, 10 May 2013

The Countdown Is ON!

Only 7 little days until Paige is one. These past few weeks have flown and I can't believe that in a week Paige will be ONE! 

I still don't feel ready to have a 1 year old. Do you ever?

I'm completely in denial. When does it set in? 

Mark has just started to realise that it is so close and I think he is a little scared at the thought of have a toddler. 

 So I thought I'd share some cute pictures of my baby. A week before she turns ONE!!!


Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xxx 


  1. She is a mega cutie :-) my middle child has just turned 2 every mile stone seems to get reached far before we feel we are ready! I think that will never change we will still be saying it when they are 20 :-)

  2. the time really does flash by so quickly!

  3. Ah super cute! My baby turns 2 next week and it still feels so surreal. I remember my last night of pregnancy like it was yesterday and waking up at 3.25am with *twinges* and now I have an all walking, all talking, all singing, all dancing very nearly two year old! *happy sad* xxx


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