Monday, 17 June 2013

13 Month Update

Lets get stuck in to Paige's 13 month update...

She continues to walk very well and very fast. She defiantly has for the hang of it now and still tries to run. It's so cute. Apart of me still can't actually believe that she is walking! She now walks perfectly fine outside in her shoes and has for a few weeks.

She loves the park and gets so excited when we see the swings. She even gets excited right before we see the swings. She's somehow learnt the route so knows exactly where we are going, clever little girl. She also love drawing. Of course she only draws lines and not actual pictures but she still enjoys it.

She is still eating quite well. She still won't eat chicken breast or anything really meaty but she loves turkey, fish and tuna. She loves ham toasties, grapes and fruit in general. She is still on formula but we are switching her onto a lactose free milk as the doctor thinks she has an intolerance as she had a reaction to cows milk and to cheese. I'm still hoping then we switch her completely we get rid of the bottles and just use sippy cups.

Her sleep is awful. I feel like I repeat this every month but it really is rubbish. She normally goes to bed at 7pm. And sleeps until 2/3am and is then awake until 5am then will go back to sleep until 8am. I'm hoping its just a phase as she will sometimes sleep through. She has one nap around 2 hours long normally at about 11am. I recently did a day in the life you would like to have a look. This wasn't a normal day for us but gives you a rough idea. See our day in the life HERE.

She still has 4 teeth. I wonder if she will ever get anymore?! Lol. I'm pretty sure she is teething and is a dribble monster most days but no new teeth yet.  

She hasn't learnt any new words this month but does make loads of different sounds. She stopped saying mama for a couple of weeks but says it again now, no idea why she stopped. She can sort colours from her ball pit balls and still loves shape sorters and books.

She weighs around 28lbs and wears 12-18m and 18-24m clothes. Both fit ok. If they did just 18m clothing I think they would be perfect as most of her 12-18m clothes are getting small!! 

She still has quite bad stranger anxiety and isn't good around strangers or around people she hasn't seen in a few weeks but with people she knows well she is so cheeky and very talkative. This does make things hard but I've read in a few places that it tends to peak between 10-18 months and then goes down so fingers crossed.

Apart from all that she is mostly a happy, smiley toddler who loves to watch and learn, play and cuddle when she feels like it.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. She is such a cutie! Can't believe shes 13 months already!

  2. She looks so pretty and cute. Love her!

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