Monday, 3 June 2013

30 Day Challenge - The Start

In my 12 months post partum update I said how I was down to my pre pregnancy weight but would still like to tone up. Well I saw the lovely Kerry from Oh So Amelia saying that she was going to start a 30 day challenge I thought I would join her so we could help each other out with tips and motivation. 

A few goals for myself... 
1. Eat better, less junk
2. Complete the 30 day ab challenge 
3. Complete the 30 day squat challenge 
4. Go out walking pushing Paige in her buggy at least twice a week 
5. Drink more water

I think I have got my eating down quite well. I don't perfectly but I don't eat junk all the time and its actually quite rare for us to get a take away but for this challenge I will keep well away from the take away.

I will also be doing before and after pictures to keep track. I'm hoping to tone up my stomach mostly and I hate the front view so much so I'm hoping I can slim down my muffin top!!
My current weight is 7st 13lbs. I don't plan on losing any weight, I just want to tone up but thought I would keep track of my weight as well.

If you want to join in Kerry has a fab linky that you can join :)

Are you on a get fit journey? Any tips?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. You look great hun! i know what you mean though about wanting to tone up. Thats my aim too. Hopefully the ab and squat challenge will kick our butts into gear! I'm terrible at drinking water so thats what I need to concentrate on and loose the fizzy drinks and junk food. Check out it's amazing! She has a youtube too with loads of videos etc xx

    1. Thanks sweetie, I will check her out! We can do this!!!!!! X

  2. I agree with Kerry, you look great! I've joined up on this challenge too with the aim of tightening up a little around my stomach. My blog is here if you're interested:

    Vikkii x


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