Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day in the Life - Paige 12 Months Old

I've been wanting to do another day in the life post for a while now but haven't got round to it until today which is June 10th 2013. The last one I did was when Paige was 3 months old and you see can that one HERE. I was going to wait to do a day in the life on a lovely day after a full nights sleep but why not document a bad night along with probably a bad day. So I'm starting the day at 2:30am and right now I'm not really hopeful of the day to come!!

So lets start

2:30am - Paige wakes up. Mark tries to get her back to sleep, isn't working. I try and she is still refusing to sleep so I bring her down stairs so mark can get some rest. 

3am - I write a blog post like you do! See my tired mess HERE.

3:33am - Paige is still awake. Sat in her chair playing. I'm laying on the sofa. I want to sleep. 

3:39am - Paige has decided that it's now play time.

3:40am - I'm hungry. Resisting the urge to make some food because at 3:40am that's just crazy. 

3:43am - Paige is so dedicated to reviewing products that even at 3:34am she is testing products out in her own crazy way. See full review HERE.

3:49am - Ball pit time. I'm very hungry now! Watching deal or no deal because tv is rubbish at this time!

3:53am - Just had to stop Paige from eating Millie's cat food. That will prob be a reoccurrence throughout the day.

4:05am - No idea when to try and get Paige back down. Don't want to try too early or it will take ages. I'm getting tired again.

4:09am - Paige is getting grumpy. Change nappy and try to get her back to sleep. 

4:26am - Paige is starting to fall asleep in my arms.

4:34am - Paige is finally back asleep 2 hours after she woke up. She's still in my arms though. I'm on Instagram and twitter being nosy but generally wishing I was asleep.

4:40am - Put Paige down in her cot. Go back to bed. Hope I can sleep! Normally takes me ages to get back to sleep

5:45am - I finally got back to sleep but next doors dog starts barking and I wake up.

7am - I fall asleep again and again get woken up by the dog.
7:30am - Mark goes to work. I didn't even hear him leave I'm that tired.
8:25am - Paige wakes up. I'm dead.

8:52am - I got Paige and brought her into our bedroom. I lay in bed while Paige is playing and climbing all over me.

9:10 - Finally crawled out of bed and had shower, got dressed and put the washer on. 

9:20am - Change Paige's nappy and get her dressed, made her a bottle and me a cup of tea.

9:48am - I'm very thankful to Paige this morning. She has let me chill out on the sofa with my tea while she played happily on her own giving me some time to wake up.

10:22am - Just put the washing out to dry and put another load on. Playing with Paige and about to make breakfast.

11:08am - We've had breakfast and I washed up the breakfast things. Just playing and waiting for mark to phone on his break.

12:09 - We've played, unloaded the washer and now I'm trying to get Paige down for her nap. 

12:25 - Paige won't nap so had a snack instead.

13:00 - Change Paige's nappy and she still wont nap

13:30 - Lunch time

14:00 - Milk for Paige and nap time... Finally!

14:30 - Done some blogging, had a quick tidy up and now I'm going to lie down and chill out. 

16:22 - I fell asleep!! Oops, I need to wake Paige up. She is now going to be nightmare at bedtime.

16:53 - Nappy change.

17:11 - We are in the garden waiting for daddy to come home. 

17:30 - Snack time for Paige, I guess she couldn't wait for tea.

18:00 - Paige has some milk. She wouldn't normally have a bottle here but she is so grumpy. 
18:18 - Paige tries to eat Millie's food again.
18:20 - Tea time finally, a lot later than usual.

18:49 - Family play time .

19:06 - Bath time with daddy. I chill out and try not to fall asleep.

19:26 - Out of bath, nakey time for Paige while I dry her hair.

20:00 - Nappy on and dressed for bed.

20:30 - Playing and relaxing. Daddy went to the shop.

21:00 - Daddy gets home. He is playing with Paige while I wash up and clean bottles.

21:23 - Mark is trying to get Paige to sleep. I'm blogging and drinking tea. Mark normally gives Paige her last bottle of the day and gets her to sleep. Its there little father-daughter bonding time.

22:00 - Paige finally went to sleep!

22:19 - I'm off to bed now. Long day.
22:44 - I finally get to bed.

Today was not a typical day at all. Normal Paige wakes up around 7am, naps around 11am and goes to bed at 7:30pm. As you can see today was very messed up but this has been a reoccurrence throughout the last month. I also wanted to go for a walk and run some errands today but that clearly didn't happen at all!
Now for a few pictures from our day...

No pictures mummy, it's too early

Testing out her snail rocker in true Paige style!





Chilling out eating her snack


Tea time
Bath time
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx



  1. What a lovely post Nicola, for some reason I really love reading about other children and their routine to see how it is similar or different to ours. x

  2. Aww, what a sweet group of pictures. I'm your latest bloglovin' follower, visiting from Friday Chaos.

  3. Parenting is TOUGH, nevermind being in full mombie mode. I can relate. Our 5mth old has taken to waking at 2am, FULL of bouncing beans, and has no intentions of going back down until the birds are singing from their nests. Whats sleep again!? x

    1. It sure has its moments!! The lack of sleep really gets to me sometimes. Xx

  4. i miss my little baby paigey :-(


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