Tuesday, 25 June 2013

First Night Away

Over the weekend I attended Britmums Live. A post on that is coming soon. This meant an over night stay in London and leaving Mark and Paige behind in Yorkshire.

While I was nervous about leaving Paige for the first time over night I knew that she would fine because she was staying at home with daddy. It didn't seem as bad as us both leaving her. This wouldn't work at all and to be honest I can't see me and Mark leaving her anytime soon. She still has pretty bad stranger anxiety and isn't too comfortable with anyone other than me and Mark.

The morning I was due to leave came and Paige woke up at 5am. I got up with her so I could spend some time with her before I left. This meant that she would be napping when I left so I had to say goodbye earlier just before her nap at 7:30am. I cried my eyes out, I knew it was only for 48 hours but still, it broke my heart that I was leaving her after spending every single night with her for the past 13 months. Paige on the other hand didn't care that I was leaving, well she didn't understand. So off she went for her nap not realizing that she wouldn't see her mummy for 48 hours.

While I was away she was a very good girl for her daddy apart from a 40 minute period when she was screaming for me. Seems she missed me as much as I missed her :(

I got home after a lovely time in London and Paige was asleep so I had to wait until the following day for a cuddle. I imagined Paige walking towards me with a big smile on her face like she does when Mark gets home from work but that didn't happen. I got her from cot the next morning and she wasn't really bothered to be honest. She was a little off with me which broke my heart even more. All she wanted was daddy, normally she only wants me. But once she warmed back up to me everything was back to normal. 
It was good for me to have some mummy time and for Paige to have some quality time with her daddy. But I won't be leaving her again anytime soon. 

How was your first night away from your baby?

Thanks for reading, 
Nicola Xx 


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