Thursday, 20 June 2013

Maternity Shopping Made Easy

When I was pregnant with Paige I didn't start maternity clothes shopping until I was around 20 weeks. I took a while to start showing and then just used a little extension on my regular jeans to make them last longer. But maternity clothes are important. Once I found my perfect pair of maternity jeans I was so much more comfortable and now if we were lucky enough to get pregnant again I would go straight into maternity clothes. To be honest after Paige was born I didn't want to stop wearing them!

What made me take so long shopping for maternity clothes was walking around all the shops and trying them on, I honestly just couldn't be bothered. It would of been so much easier to order things online that I liked the look of and get them delivered to my house where I could try them on in peace and didn't feel rushed into buying anything. Your body changes enough in pregnancy the last thing you want is added pressure while trying to buy clothes for your new shape.

Vertbaudet do a great selection of maternity clothing. There really is something for everyone. I love these two tops and trousers. Both the tops are very wearable and look very comfortable. You can easily mix and match the tops to go with any of the trouser to create different looks. I feel like it's very important to be able to dress up or down maternity outfits so you get more wear out of them.

Top Left - Maternity Blouse £29, Right - Maternity T-shirt was £18 now £14.50
Bottom Left - Maternity Trousers £35 Right - Maternity Jeans £29

I fell in love with this cardigan, top and trousers outfit when I first saw it, again each item can be worn separately and be matched with different items but it looks like the perfect outfit to put your feet up and relax.

Left - Maternity cardigan, top and trousers outfit was £49 now £39.20
Top - Maternity Breastfeeding top £17
Bottom - Maternity dress £45
Vertbaudet also have a gorgeous range of dresses that are super cute but still very stylish. Dresses are so easy and comfortable to wear when pregnant especially in the summer when its warm.

They also do some simple but lovely breastfeeding tops. They have the hidden panel in so if your out and about feeding your baby then you can keep yourself covered up and not feel too exposed.

Another important item of clothing is the maternity/breastfeeding bra. I found it partially hard to find one that was both comfortable and cute. Just because your pregnant or a new mum it doesn't mean you can't have nice underwear. This one was £29 and is down to £23.20. It comes in a range of different colours and a lot of different sizes.

Have you tried Vertbaudet?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*In collaboration with Vertbaudet* All images are from the Vertbaudet website but all views and opinions are my own


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