Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Little Eager Beaver

I'm sure everyone has been enjoying the sunshine recently, I know I have. Things just don't seem as bad when the sun is shining. Everyone you see is in a good mood and sun just makes me smile.

During the recent warm weather I decided that me and Paige would have a mummy and daughter picnic while Mark was at work. I of course took my camera along because I'm slightly obsessed. Paige loved just sitting in the shade, watching the birds and watching all the dogs playing. She then discovered flowers and tried to eat them! Silly billy. We had a great time just enjoying each other and the weather.

After our lovely picnic and a play at the park we came home and sat in the garden. It was around 4pm and still so lovely outside that I decided to get Paige's paddling pool out for the first time. Blowing it up took forever!! I almost wish I had waited for Mark to get home but I discovered something...

Paige is an eager beaver!

I managed to blow the pool up, fill it with water and then she climbed right in. Fully clothed! She apparently couldn't wait a second longer for me to put her swimming costume on. And being the amazing mum that I am I grabbed my camera and started clicking away :)

To be honest I thought she would just splash around with her hand like she likes to do in the bath but I was very wrong. She was standing, splashing, laying down, laughing, giggling to herself and just having a brilliant time. I could hardly ruin the fun by taking her out and changing her into her swimming costume.

When all the water was gone she got bored, climbed out and we went inside and got dry. She was splashing so much that I got wet too!
I had to include the famous Paige pout!
So there it is... Paige's first time in her paddling pool, fully clothed with hardly any water because she splashed it all away.
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. oh my gosh. are you kidding me. she is SO adorable!

  2. looks like she had tons of fun loving her pout!!

  3. Just read your this post and honestly wish i hadn't missed this day. Sounds like my girls had an amazing time together. Loving the pics Nic x

  4. She is so cute! Love her teeth ;)
    Hoping by from The Friday Chaos Blog Hop and following you on Bloglovin'.

  5. I love how children just go for it when it comes to things like this. We'd complain about the temperature of the water (or lack of it once it had been splashed away, ha!) or about being uncomfortable with wet clothes on. Children just get on with it.
    Beautiful photos and beautiful girl x


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