Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New Years Resolutions - Update

We are now in June so it's time for a little update on my New Years resolutions from January. I asked on twitter what blog posts you would like to see and the gorgeous Lucy from Capture By Lucy said she would to love to see how I'm getting on so here it is. 
I will do a little re cap of my resolution and how I'm getting on...

1. Lose my baby weight before Paige turns 1 in May. Done!

2. I'm quite a tidy freak and I get quite anxious if things aren't tidy. I want to try and relax a little bit this year. I don't want our house to be a mess but I don't want to be that focused on cleaning that I miss out on playing with Paige and spending quality time together. I feel like I have relaxed a little bit but need to try harder.
3. Project 365. To take a picture everyday for the whole of 2013. So far so good :)

4. I want to either get married this year or at least book a venue for 2014. Ideally I'd love to get married before Paige is 2. Plans are in full force... more on that later.

5.I also love reading but since having Paige I don't have the time and I have about 12 books that I want to read. I'm aiming for one a month. Huge fail. I haven't even read half a book.
6. My last resolution is a treat for myself. I'm starting to get more into photography and would love to own a better camera. I'm aiming to save for the Nikon D3100! Done!

So far I am pleased with my progress, I must admit that I did forget about a couple of my resolutions and I must try harder with the books. But I am on track.

How are your resolutions going?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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