Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review - Munchkin Disney

Paige loves Minnie Mouse. She gets so excited when she sees her and has many toys, outfits and a sippy cup which she loves.

So when we were asked to review the new Disney range from munchkin I couldn't think of a better fit. 

The set arrived which included a Click Lock Flip Straw cup, a plate, bowl and a fork and spoon. My first impressions were that they were so cute. They are all pink and green and feature Minnie Mouse. Even mark thought they were cute! 

To the testing...

Paige first tested out the cup. Now Paige has never used a cup with a straw before so she didn't quite get the hang of it at first. She would tip the cup upside down and suck and not get very far. But even when she was trying to figure it out no water came out of the cup unless you sucked the straw properly. I love the opening of the straw making it very easy to pop in a bag for traveling. It's the perfect size too. 

The plate and bowl are a particular favourite of mine. They both have a rubber edge around the bottom making them less likely to slide around on a high chair tray which is fab with a baby or toddler. The bowl has high sides which helps toddler guide food into their hands or onto a spoon/fork. The plate has 3 sections. Great for meal times as you out 3 separate foods in each one. I know some toddlers that are very funny about some of their food touching so this is amazing. I love having the sections for Paige because it means that she can see each food item more clearly an decide what she wants to eat. 


 The spoon and fork are perfect for Paige right now. She is at the age where she wants to feed herself and is getting interested in spoons especially. She now understands that the spoon goes into the food and then into we mouth. Getting the food into the spoon is another story but its all in the practicing! We haven't see the fork yet as quite frankly I'm a little scared. The fork isn't very sharp with rounded tips but I think I'd prefer Paige to get used to the spoon first. Both the spoon and fork are a great size for little hands and Paige seems to be able to control them very well. They have a curved handle to make them easier to use.

I think the range is fabulous. Amazing design from two brilliant companies! 
The cup is £4.50 The bowl, plate, spoon and fork set is £8.99. For more information please see the Munchkin website HERE.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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