Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Toddler Fashionista - Girly Dungarees

When Paige was younger I use to do baby outfit posts quite often. I love dressing her up in cute little outfits but for some reason these posts kind of faded away which makes me sad.

So I'm bring them back. But instead of baby outfit they will now be toddler outfits seen as Paige is now a toddler.... See what I did there!! Haha. Yes I'm so lame. 

So here it goes. The first and hopefully many to come. 

Paige got some money for her birthday so we decided to buy her some clothes as she already has loads of toys. I hopped online and found some cute things. I'm sure the other things will feature in other outfit posts soon. 

This is her super cute girly dungaree outfit. 


The dungarees are from H&M and were £14.99. The plain pink t shirt is from Next £2. The tights were also H&M and in a 2 pack were £2.99 but are rubbish!! I later took them off her. The shoes are Next £10 and the hair clip is from a pack of 6 from good old Primark. I think they were £1.50! Bargain. Me and Mark love this outfit, I just love her chunky legs which get slimmer everyday :(

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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