Thursday, 18 July 2013

14 Month Update

Paige has come a long way this month with food. She will more or less eat anything you put in front of her. She might not like it all but she will try it. She still loves fruit and would eat it all day if you let her. She has had pear, nectarine, cherries and plum new this month and loved them all. Still hates banana unless it is in a puree with other fruit.

She naps once a day, normally around 11/11:30am for 1 and a half  hours. Any longer and she doesn't sleep. Goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes around 7:15am. This is working perfectly for us right now :)

Fits in both 12-18m and 18-24m clothes still. Tops defiantly fit better 18-24m and trousers/shorts 12-18m. Legging in size 18-24m fit her well. She is still quite a big girl but I think her growth is slowing down a bit.

Can you believe she still has 4 teeth?! Surely she has to get some more before she is 15 months old. She acts like she is teething for a few days and then nothing. I think there is defiantly some movement going on. I wonder if she will get the next 4 all at once.

She learnt to say no this month, which is fun :) Apart from that she isn't really talking as much. She will babble and say some words but isn't progressing as much as she has during other months.

Gives kisses and waves a lot more. Used to do both before but stopped doing it when you asked. Now she will give you kisses almost every time you ask. She will also give extended family kisses but she has to know them well as her stranger anxiety is still there but not as bad. She still loves teddies, doesn't really have a favourite anymore but will kiss, hug and try feed them.

Still loves to play at the park and will go over bridges and through tunnels. She doesn't enjoy the swings as much as she always wants to be walking around and being nosy. She is also getting very good at drawing and loves it!


She loves dogs and cats. If we see a cat or a dog she sits straight up in her buggy, points and wants to go near them. Its so cute!

She has learnt to walk on her tip toes and is starting to learn how to go up stairs without bending down and using her knees, if that makes sense? And she is learning how to put shoes on. She gets so frustrated with herself because she hasn't quite worked out how to do it. 

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. What a lovely post and she's such a little cutie!! x

  2. Great post and oh she is soo cute!!
    You take great photos X

  3. They're cute when they're trying so hard to do something, aren't they? What a sweetie . :) I'm visiting today from Friday Chaos.

  4. Oh my goodness she's PRECIOUS!!! I'm visiting from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop, and have to say I'm happy I found you. Your photos are fantastic!


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