Monday, 8 July 2013

Being Brave

When Paige was around 4 months old we got invited to a weaning group. It was a one off session to give you all the information you needed about weaning.

To be honest I didn't really learn anything new and that class put me off joining any baby groups, until now!

I wanted Paige to be in a group to hopefully help her confidence and help her stranger anxiety. 

It will get us both out of the house and meeting other mums and toddlers. 

I have found a class local to us, a little walk away. It sounds really good, movement, music, storytelling. It is for 3 month olds to 2 years so there won't be any scary big kids around. 

I'm hoping that Paige settles in well and that hopefully we meet some nice people. It would be nice to have a few different mummy/baby friends. I love the ones we have now but a few more would be nice. 

I'm nervous and scared but we will do this. Together we will both overcome our fear and anxiety. 

Tuesday 16th is the day. Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Good luck! it's hard isnt't it going along to these things. I remember when i first when i was so nervous but once I had been I felt so much better and everyone was lovely. :) x

    1. Everyone was horrible at the last one we went to. Hopefully they will be nicer at this one xx

  2. Best of luck Nicola! I can relate to this, I suffer with anxiety myself.

    Alex ♡

  3. Looking forward to reading how this goes. It took me until the girls were 8 months before I plucked the courage to go to a baby group. I think once you've got over the initial hurdle and gone to one, it will help your confidence and you'll most likely go again and again. Good luck x

  4. Good luck lovely- looking forward to reading how it goes. x


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