Friday, 12 July 2013

Letter To 15 Year Old Me

Before I start my letter I'll just mention that I think I'm 15 in these pictures. I'm defiantly around that age.

Dear Nicola,

Your 15 years old, your whole life is ahead of you. I'm writing this with no idea where the years went. I could warn you about mistakes you make or the wrong paths you take but all that made you into the person you are today.

You today
Your happy, very happy, a little lost but that's ok. It's not in a bad way, don't worry, and I'm sure we will over come this, we just don't know which way to turn or which way life will lead us.

But lets back up a little bit, the guy you are about to start dating will cause a lot of heartache but also happiness so stick with him for now. Let him teach you what you need to learn because when your 18 you meet a wonderful man, I'll keep you guessing about his name.

You go to collage and don't focus as much as you should but make ok grades and meet an amazing girl who your still friends with today. Now I don't want you to be upset but we didn't end up going to university to study teaching, we ended up going to beauty collage, how random! Its something that even at 15 you love doing but we never thought it would be a career and I'm afraid to tell you like most things that doesn't exactly go to plan either... prepare for your first broken bone!

We leave home at 18 and you move into a horrible place with that special man, we hate it but at least you're together. We do move out into a small house near where mum grew up. It's comfortable for now and It's where you and our special guy bring home our beautiful little girl.

Yes, you're a mummy!!!

The one thing we have wanted since I can ever remember and she is beautiful. She isn't the dark haired little princess we dreamt of but she is beautiful. Its quite a long road to meet her but when you do you will realize that it was worth all the tears.

Mum moves away and gets married. Although you find this hard you cope and now you have your own little family to think of.

The future will hopefully bring a little brother or sister for our princess and maybe a wedding of your own. We have being engaged for 5 years now!!

My only advise, stop worrying so much. Things may not go to plan but they work out. Oh and look out for the guy with the southern accent (he's the one).

We will catch up soon,

Nicola (24) Xx


  1. I loved doing this, just shows life may not go how you imagined but it can still be great :)

  2. Aw such a lovely positive letter, Paige is definitely a litte princess! Xxx

  3. I loved this. I got goose pimples! :) I hope you find your way soon pickle. You have plenty of mums here to help if you need us. :) xx

  4. I love this. I might well write on to my 13 year old self! I have a lot of wise words for that silly young girl that I was at that age! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Oh my! There isn't much difference between your 15 year old face and your face now. How old are you now 20? Haha! I love, love, love this. What a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing. I folow you via Bloglovin'. Have a great day!


  6. This letter was very touching. Best of luck to you, and I hope you get to tell your 15-year-old self about your wedding soon :)


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