Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pots and Pans

Sometimes the really simple things can make the best toys. Yes it's nice to go out and buy your baby a lovely new toy but even them can get boring.

Paige loves to play with household things. Of course I'm not going to give her something that will hurt her but something she can play with and she loves it. The first thing we tried was playing with pegs and it was a big hit.

So I stepped it up a gear onto pots and pans.

Paige loved playing with the pots and pans. She also had her bricks which she loved putting in and out of the pans. The lids were also a big hit but I think her favourite item was the sieve. It was so funny to sit and watch her play and explore the items. The sheer joy on her face was enough to tell me that it was a big hit. She had a spoon and would stir the bricks just like she sees me doing when making tea.


Do your children like playing with safe household items?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Yeah, Hayden uses the hoover as a bike PMSL I have no idea why! Oh wait maybe because I haven't got him any sort of toy on wheels LOL

    Paige!!! I love you - You are so darn cute!! Nic you & Mark have a beautiful little girl :)

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby || Baby & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sienna always wants things that are not toys! she was happy playing with her plate the other day! haha!

  3. What lovely photos hunny, and it is so true, they do get distracted by the most weird things. LL is currently playing with an empty smarties packet! To be fair I should probably stop her sucking it! xx

  4. Aww, this is so cute. And so true. One of the little mans favourite things in the whole world to play with is an old tyre in my mum and dads garden. He loves it as much now as he did a year ago. x

  5. This looks like she is having so much fun! x

  6. My children have always preferred the more simple things when it comes to toys. It's like at Christmas, you buy them a really lovely new toy and they spend the next three hours making a playhouse out of the box!


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