Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review - Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons and Steri-bottle

Tommee Tippee Explora Aeroplane Spoons

I'm sure we have all had trouble getting our little ones to eat at mealtimes and I know I'm constantly looking for different things to make meal times fun. The new Tommee Tippee Explora aeroplane spoons help with this problem. They are a spoon in the shape of an aeroplane designed to make mealtimes a little more fun for you and your child. Suitable from 4 months old, BPA free and a great addition to the Tommee Tippee family. They come in packs of 2 and cost £3.79 and are available to buy at Asda.

I will admit they aren't my favourite spoons to use when feeding Paige and she only really gets fed yogurts and pudding now but I do like them. When accompanied with an aeroplane noise Paige loved them. She ate well off them and we didn't have any problems. The shape makes them a little awkward to hold at first but you get used to it.

Tommee Tippee Steri - bottle

A steri- bottle is just as it sounds, a sterilised bottle which is ready to use to feed your baby. All you have to do it unwrap, fill the bottle with milk, feed your baby and then dispose of the bottle after use. It comes with a wide, textured “breast- like” teat, and a special valve, designed to reduce the risk of ingesting air during feeding. They are BPA free and 100% recyclable.  

I think it's a great idea. I love that you can pop them in your bag for a day out and have bottles which are ready to go and already sterilised. These would also be great to take on holiday and would take the hassle out of washing and sterilising bottles.
When we first tried the steri-bottles I was worried that Paige wouldn't take to the bottles. Since she was a newborn we have used Tommee Tippee bottles but the teats on these bottles are slightly different and at first she wasn't too keen on the teat but it didn't take her long to get used to them.


The bottles come in a pack of 2 and 5, costing £2.49 and £4.49 and can be bought from Boots. They hold 250ml and com with full instructions on the back of the packet of how to use them which is very straight forward. They are suitable from 3 months plus.

More information on both products can be found at

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*Disclaimer - We were sent some samples of the products for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are mine*

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  1. I love the look of both of these products. The spoon looks fab, so fun! And the bottle idea is genius, perfect like you say for a day out. x


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