Friday, 30 August 2013

Picture Perfect*

Since before becoming a mum I loved pictures. I love that they can capture a moment in time and you can have that picture forever. My memory is pretty rubbish and even more so after having Paige. So having pictures helps me remember a certain time in my life a lot better. It helps me easily remember the little details of a moment in time. Pictures also help you relive the emotions you were feeling at a particular time. A picture truly does speak a thousand words.

When I was pregnant I took a single picture of my growing belly each week. It's not very often that you get to experience pregnancy and I wanted to remember how big my belly grew. Then when I gave birth to Paige and started watching her grow my love for pictures really grew a lot stronger. Babies change in the blink of an eye. They don't stay as a newborn for very long. They crawl and walk before your ready and lose their baby rolls. Pictures help capture these important moments and help you remember the little things that are easily forgotten in busy day to day life.

I love having pictures of Paige in our home. What better than having your memories displayed all over the house? I love that people can look at them, ask about them and I just enjoy having them around. It's nice that these days there are so many way to display them in terms of frames.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and now you can get personalised photo frames from From names to dates and sayings there really is no limits when personalising a frame. Its personal, one of a kind, something for you or to be given as a gift to a friend or family member. 

Use the code 'ITSASECRET' and you can also get 10% off your order.

REVIEW - Cutey Charm Bracelet

As a mum I would rather buy things for Paige than myself. I think most mums feel this way to be honest but sometimes mums need a treat too.

I love jewellery. I have loads of necklaces and bracelets. When I saw a tweet from Cutey asking for bloggers to review their bracelets I though why not give it a go. So I did and they very kindly sent me a charm bracelet to review.

I was sent the Eros charm bracelet. The bracelet is lovely. It features different charms including a kissing boy and girl, hearts, flowers and the cutey charm. With pink and green tones the overall effect is very girly and I love it. My favourite charm is the boy and girl kissing one. I think it's very cute. 

It's pretty simple as it only has the six charms but I like that. I'm not a fan of fussy bracelets and like to keep things pretty simple. 

The bracelet itself is very nice. It fastens well and didn't come apart. I haven't had any problems with the charms or the bracelet itself. It seems very strong as Paige had pulled it a few times and it hasn't broke which is great.

The bracelet comes in 2 different sizes, 18cm and 20cm. So there bound to fit most people :) There are also 10 other designs to choose with a range of colours and style of charms. You could easily style a couple of the bracelets together and get a lovely effect.

At £12.99 these bracelets would make a fabulous little gift for a someone and i'm sure they would love it.

What do you think of charm bracelets?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent the bracelet for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Get To Know Me Tag

I watched Lotte's Youtube video and then saw her blog post and thought I would give you all a little more information about me by doing the get to know me tag.

That's me!
Vital Stats:
Name: Nicola
Nicknames: Nic, nicnacnoo
Birthday: 3rd April 1989
Place of Birth: West Yorkshire, England
Star Sign: Aries (I don't think I fit a typical Aries at all)
Occupation: Stay at home mum

Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair length: Shoulder length
Eye colour: Dark brown
Best feature: Eyes, always liked my eyes
Braces: Yep for around 3 years I think. Waste of time! Haha
Piercings: Ears and belly button but I think its closed up
Tattoos: Yes, butterfly on right hip
Righty of Lefty: Righty

Best friend: A girl called Leah, we were 4 and are still friends to this day
Award: Maybe a gymnastics award, no idea
Sport: Gymnastics again
Real Holiday: I think it was Spain with family at around 6 years old
Concert: Westlife. At 11 years old. I was still am obsessed.

Film: Anything girly
TV Show: Charmed
Colour: Pink
Song: Flying without wings - Westlife
Restaurant: Frankie and Bennies
Store: Clothes store? Cant go wrong with Primark :)
Book: Anything by Cecelia Ahern
Magazine: Any gossipy, not worth reading kind of magazine
Shoes: My pink converse

Feeling: Hungry *belly rumble*
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing yet
Listening to: Music channel
Thinking about: Food
Watching: My twitter feed hehe
Wearing: A purple t shirt and some black yoga pants

Want Children: Got a little girl
Want to be married: That's the plan... November 2013 :)
Careers in mind: Own business of some sort
Where do you want to live: In a nice house with my family

Do you believe in:
God: Maybe
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Yes
Ghosts: Yes, seen one
Aliens: Yes
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on the first date: Why not
Yourself: Ermmmmm not really. Trying to work on that!

I tag you!! Yes you.... hello :)

Why not join in and link up through Lotte's blog.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Girls

Before Paige I had my first baby. She had four legs and was furry. She was a kitten. I say that she was my baby because she acted liked it. She could snuggle up close and she truly became apart of them family. She still is.

Millie was a birthday present for my 22nd birthday. We were in the process of trying for a baby but a kitten just fitted quite well with our life and in our family. Little did we know the monster she would turn into :)

We got pregnant 4 months later and along came Paige, our beautiful little girl. Our baby girl. She added to our family in such a huge way and continues to do so each and every day.

Seeing our girls together is amazing. They aren't the best of friends just yet but they love each other. Millie will always check to see if Paige is ok and always has since she was a baby. Paige will smile and giggle and even says Moo, which is what I call Millie. She also tries to pull her tail and pets her a little too hard but Millie is so good with her. She just needs to learn and with time she will.
I grew up with a cat and loved it so much. I hope that as Paige grows up her and Millie's friendship will develop too.

So there they are, my girls.

Seeing them together makes me so happy. I can't even imagine how I will feel when we have another baby and see Paige with him/her.

Does your little one have a furry sibling?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review - Paper Themes Wedding Favours

In my opinion wedding favours are a quite important part of a wedding. They are given to each guest as a way to say thank you from the bride and groom.

You can get a mixture of gifts these day from chocolates, sweets and more traditional ones like sugared almonds. Others also give little presents.

You don't just want to place these items onto a table, they need to fit in with your theme and design of the wedding. What better way to do this than use wedding favour boxes. Just like the favours themselves the boxes come in all sizes and shapes.

1) I love how simple this favour box is. The cone shape makes it perfect for sweets and this box can be personalised with the ribbon to match in with your other wedding decorations.

2)The next favour box is cute. Blue with white polka dots. The shape i find a little strange. I can't imagine many sweets etc fitting in the box. But the design and feel of the box is really nice.

3) This box is my favourite. I think its very pretty and would look perfect on the tables at a wedding. The scalloped edge makes the box look gorgeous, soft and pretty. You can personalise it again to match your theme so it fits in perfectly. The box itself is a little small and you couldn't really put sweets in them.

4) The last wedding favour box is cute as well. A little girly as to me it looks like the shape of a handbag. But it too had coloured ribbon and would look cute on a table.

The boxes themselves are made out of thick card and are very sturdy and well made. The designs on them look really nice quality too. They start at £2.49 for a pack of 10 and go up to £11.99 for a pack of 10. There is something for every wedding and every budget.

Paper Themes also have a fabulous selection of wedding things and specialize in wedding invitations. You can see my review of those HERE.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent samples and given a voucher in return for this review. All views and opinions are 100% my own*

Monday, 26 August 2013

She Keeps Me Going

Through the hard times you keep me going. You keep me fighting. For you, for me, for daddy.

You've been driving me crazy recently. Them damn teeth (I'm guessing). I hardly get a moment to pee let alone do anything else.

I'm tired, stressed and not feeling too well but all I have to do is look into your big beautiful eyes or gaze at your little smile and everything is worth it.

Being a mummy is hard work. You're responsible for a little person. A child that you have to raise the right way, teach them right from wrong and guide them in life.

I'm not perfect, no one is. I do my best and hopefully that's enough.
Being a mummy is the best thing I've ever done.

Hard at times, yes.
But worth every second.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Project 365 - Week 34

Monday 19th August
A mummy and Paige masterpiece

Tuesday 20th August
Paige's hair is getting so long

Wednesday 21st August 
Yummy lasagna

Thursday 22nd August
Silly girl having a duvet day with mummy

Friday 23rd August
My two girls

Saturday 24th August
The only way Paige would fall asleep

Sunday 25th August

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

A Dream Come True

Imagine a 10 year old girl at home watching a sofa advert. She loves the adverts so much that she acts them out for her family and friends. She then writes to the sofa company and they offer her a chance to go behind the scenes of there new advert.

Sound too good to be true?

Well for Amelia her dream came true all thanks to SCS.

Amelia Howarth decided to write to SCS after seeing there adverts and loving them. They got in touch to say thank you and offered her the chance to spend a day with the SCS team, meet Victoria Thomas (the face of SCS) and watch behind the scenes making of the new advert. Amelia went along with her brother and mum to see exactly what SCS did.

Amelia, Victoria and Amelia's brother
 Amelia said: “I was really excited to visit the ScS store and meet Victoria from the ads. The whole day was really fantastic and I enjoyed meeting the nice people from ScS. I have shown all my friends the signed script I was given by Victoria and told them all about it. It really is the best day of my holidays and I can’t wait to see the new ads on the TV.” 
 Emma Howarth, Amelia’s mum, added: “I’m very thankful to ScS they really did make my 10-year-old daughter’s day. She was so excited from the moment we received the company’s reply. I really didn’t expect them to reply and say we could go to their shoot, but I’m really pleased that they did. It was a super day, and one that Amelia will not forget for a long while.” 

The new advert will air on tv September 19th.

I find it quite amazing that such a big company like SCS would go through all the trouble to get a little girl and her family behind the scenes of filming. I love that they made Amelia's dream come true for the day and gave her the opportunity. I really hope she still watches the advert in September and remembers the fabulous day that she had.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wedding Planning - The Dress

I couldn't wait to start shopping for my wedding dress. I think every bride looks forward to that day.

Ever since I was a little girl I would dream about the big white wedding with the big white dress. I wanted a fairy tale. I'm sure a lot of girls do.

Planning a wedding is a different story. It might not be if we had a bit of money behind us but we don't. We can't afford to spend £800 on a dress that I will only wear once. We couldn't even afford to spend £400.

I set about looking for the perfect dress. I started online as I thought I would be able to get a better idea of styles and prices. I started on the typical bridal websites, we even went to a bridal shop. I saw a beautiful dress for £1250, we walked out! I didn't want to fall in love with a dress that I couldn't afford.

I decided to take a different approach. The high street. The good old British high street. There are some gorgeous wedding dresses from the high street, with a wide range of price tags. They have the same styles, similar designs and just as nice fabric. Monsoon, Debenhams, BHS, Littlewoods, Very, Coast? You could even try River Island, New Look and Topshop. Who makes the rules about what you have to wear? You can wear what you like, whatever you feel comfortable in, whatever makes you feel special.

I've never tried on a wedding dress before, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea how I would feel about my new mummy body in a beautiful dress. Me and my best friend walked into the shop. The shop that unknown to me had my dress, the dress. We found the wedding dresses. We picked 3 that we thought ok and went to the dressing room.

Yes there weren't women helping us and advising us like a traditional bridal shop but we are best friends. I trust her, I know she isn't going to make me look stupid. Stood in a cubical together we laughed as I tried the dresses on. I paraded up and down the changing rooms like no one was watching. I felt amazing, like a bride should.

The first dress I tried on was perfect. I must of known that was the one. It was everything i didn't want in a dress but it was perfect. I was sure that I was going to hate it, I was wrong. My friend put a veil on me, I didn't even want a veil but it was perfect. It completed the look. I felt like a bride.

I never believed people that said when you found the dress you just knew. Its true. Even my friend said that's the one. Its amazing. An experience I will never forget.

Our aim for the day was to try on as many dresses as I could. To get a feel for styles and what looked nice. I didn't imagine falling in love with a dress.

The dress is now tucked away upstairs waiting for the day. I am so excited to wear it and show Mark. I think he will love it, I do.

And who knows, maybe in 5/10 years we can renew our vows and I will be able to wear the big white expensive dress. If not, I don't care because I've found my dress and I feel like a princess wearing it!

How was your dress shopping experience?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

15 Month Update

I feel like so much has changed and happened this month with Paige. 
The biggest thing is probably her teeth. If you remember her 14 month update you will recall that she only had 4 teeth. Well now she has 8 with another two coming through any day! How crazy is that? She got her 3rd and 4th top teeth, then 2 of her molars. The top left and bottom left. Now she has her top right molar coming in and her 3rd bottom tooth. She has being doing really well to say that they have all come at once. The only thing has really being effected is that she can't self settle as well as she normally does. So we give her a few minutes at bedtime but normaly have to rock her to sleep which isn't a problem. I know that once she stops teething she will be back to her normal fabulous self settling way :)
Her sleep is still really good. The odd night we have her waking up around 10pm but she goes back to sleep without a problem. She is sleeping around 12 hours on average. She is still only having one nap. Around 11am lasting 1 hour 45minutes. I normally wake her up after that. I hate doing that but if I let her sleep close to or over two hours she doesn't sleep well at night. 

She is doing amazingly well with her eating and can feed herself with a spoon and a fork. She tried my homemade meat and potato pie this month so look out for that recipe. She still loves her fruit and I'm trying to get her to eat more vegatables apart from sweet corn, potatoes and carrots. 
Her speech has come along this month also. She none stops chats away. She learnt to say baby and there this month. And now always says hi and waves when you first see her. It's so cute! 
She still loves colouring and is getting really good at holding crayons and pencils. She can also built towers now and is up to 4 blocks high which I think is rather impressive :)
She can also dress herself a bit better. She likes putting trousers on and still struggles a bit with shoes but she is getting there. She is now a size 5 in shoes. 
She weighs around 27lbs. Which is near to what she was the last time she was weighed. That will be all the running around she does :) I'm not sure how tall she is because she never stays still long enough but she's still a big girl and fits into most 18-24m clothes. I swear her 18-24m pjs are getting too small!
Daddy just HAD to get in on the photo!
Her stranger anxiety is getting a lot better. It doesn't take her half as long to warm up to people now and she will actually smile at some strangers. 
She is just becoming a little girl and changing everyday. She gives a million kisses and is so loving. I think her eyes are starting to go brown but we will see. I keep seeing little hints of brown in them lately.

Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Getting Ready For Baby

When your pregnant a lot of things race through your mind. It's such an amazing but scary time. A lot of mums to be enjoy the whole process of getting ready for the baby to arrive, who wouldn't? It is so exciting to plan everything and think about how life will be once your baby arrives. I had endless lists of things that we needed to buy or things that we needed to do.

One of the big things is the nursery. And to tell you the truth we didn't do a good job. Yes we got all the Nursery furniture we needed but we didn't decorate. We didn't really see the point to be honest. The room was cream, so nice and neutral and the baby was going to stay in our room for the first few months anyway. I got the idea into our heads that we would look at decorating near Christmas time when the baby would be 7 months old..... that never happened!! Now we are still hoping to decorate before Paige is 2 and just turn her nursery straight into a big girl room :) I still watch with envy as other mums and dads to be properly decorate the nursery and get ready for their baby but it just wasn't the right thing for us to do.

Paige has her all important cot bed ready to be transformed when she is ready and i'm very much looking forward to transforming her very boring room into a place fit for the princess that she is. For us a cot bed was a must have. We wanted something that would last Paige a good few years rather than a cot which she would grow out of. It also saved us money in the long run as we now don't have to buy her a toddler bed. All we have to do is transform the cot bed into the toddler bed.

Getting ready for a baby and indeed a toddler is exciting. Bambino Direct have everything to get you started!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Sponsored Post*

Monday, 19 August 2013

Review - Casetagram

My iPhone goes everywhere with me, I can't live without it. I also can't help but love pictures of Paige.

Casetagram combines them two things and turns your favourite pictures into a phone case. They have a wide range of phone cases and they are available for you to customize using your pictures from Instagram and Facebook. Below is the case I made :)

The process is really simple. The hardest part for me was choosing which pictures I wanted to use. It may have taken me close to an hour to pick! Oops.

You pick which phone case you want. Then pick which layout you want for your pictures, I choose le Corbusier for mine. I liked that there was a mix between smaller and larger pictures. Next you add your pictures by uploading them from Instagram, Facebook or your computer. This is really straight forward. Just log in and all your pictures are straight in front of you! Once you have picked your pictures you then pick the colour of the case. I went with Frosty Charcoal because I thought it would match my black iPhone better. The last step is to pick if you want any effects over your pictures. For example you can turn them all black and white. I left mine untouched.

You then enter your delivery details and pay. The cost $34.95 which is around £22.60. You also get free international delivery which is fabulous. I ordered my case on a Friday, I received an email on the following Thursday saying that my case was on its way. It arrived the following Friday. I think a 2 week delivery time from the day I ordered is pretty good! 

I was so excited to receive the case and defiantly wasn't disappointed. The case is very good quality. The pictures look amazing. I've had a lot of people ask where the case is from so it must look good. The case also fits my phone perfectly and keeps it protected.

I am already picking out more pictures ready for me to order another :)

You can follow Casetagram on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was given a free case for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Project 365 - Week 33

Monday 12th August
Mummy and Paige
Tuesday 13th August
Naughty girl climbing onto the back of the sofa
Wednesday 14th August
Tuna pasta bake - YUM
Thursday 15th August 
Tunnel fun
Friday 16th August
Paige learnt how to built a 4 block tower
Saturday 17th August
Sat on the bus for the first time
Sunday 18th August
Bath time with this pretty baby

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Review & Competition - Parcelgenie

We everything on our phones these days... talk to people, reply to emails and even online shopping. What about sending gifts directly to the person receiving it? I didn't even know there was an app for that but now there is.

Parcelgenie is a great idea. You pick a real little gift for a friend, you enter their mobile number and purchase the gift. Your friend is then sent a text message to let them know that you have purchased a gift for them. They then have to reply to the message, free of charge, with their name and delivery address. There present then arrives through there doorstep. You even get to earn rewards too.

When I was contacted by Parcelgenie asking if I wanted to review their service I had to give it a go. I downloaded the app which is free and couldn't wait to get started. The app is available on iphone, ipad and android. I decided to send myself something and to get something Mark. I chose the Relaxation bundle for myself and the Yankee sweets for Mark.

It was very easy and straight forward to both buy the gift for someone and also be on the receiving end. We ordered our gifts and sent a reply text with pour address at 2pm and received both parcels the next day!

They were both packaged well in small cardboard boxes. They also came wrapped in purple paper which was a nice touch, especially as they are meant for little gifts for people. I think a nice added touch would be if you could chose the colour of the wrapping that the gift came in but you can personalise the card it comes with. I purchased the gifts on the iPhone app and it was very easy and straight forward to use. I didn't have any trouble apart from personalising the cards. I didn't quite realize where that section was before I had completed the order.



The gifts themselves are pretty straight forward and mostly sweet/chocolate related. Mark loved his Yankee sweets gift. In my gift I received a flake, some bath salts and a small book. The book is full of relaxation tips?? And is a really cute idea.
Below I have a competition for two people to win 1 voucher code each to enable you to buy one gift from the Parcelgenie app for free :) Just complete the rafflecopter form for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was provided with 2 voucher codes for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Win competitions at

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'm Still Amazed

Nearly 15 months later and I'm still amazed that i'm a mummy.

I'd imagined being a mummy for so long. I felt like it was never going to happen. 

When it did my whole world changed. My life would never be the same again.

But I was perfectly happy with that.

When I look at Paige my heart fills with love, as cheesy as it sounds its completely true. 

From newborn to toddler, every day has been amazing. Some a lot harder than others but still so amazing.

And everyday I feel even more blessed to have such an amazing, beautiful daughter.

To be given the chance to watch her grow, develop and blossom into a little girl.

I'm the luckiest mummy in the world.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review - Gumigem Teething Jewellery

Teething isn't very nice to mum or baby/toddler. Paige at 14 months has just got 3 extra teeth in the past 3 weeks. They cause her pain and she loves nothing better than biting on something to release the pain.

One cool product to help a teething baby/toddler is the Gumigem teething jewellery. They are made from non toxic medical grade silicone so your baby can chew on them and they are perfectly safe. They can also be put in the dishwasher, sterilizer or into hot soapy water (you just need to remove the cord and clasp).

I love that the Gumigem jewellery doesn't look like a traditional teething toy. You could actually get away with wearing it when your baby wasn't around and no one would think anything of it. The first time Mark saw it he was very surprised at how good it looked, he then touched it and realized it was a silicone material. I have the Traditional heart pendants in Opal Ice.

I think one of the best features is the break away clasp. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that a few weeks ago Paige actually broke my mothers day necklace. She wasn't trying to chew it but just pulled the necklace and it snapped as it was very delicate. With the Gumigem necklace if she were to grab it and pull the break away clasp allows it to come undone safely. This stops it getting broken and stops the worry we feel as a mum sometimes. Babies don't quite understand the effect that breaking something has.

As for the actual teether I am very impressed. Paige loves chewing on it and it seems to help her. It is a nice texture so isn't too hard or too soft for her. It is the perfect size for her little chubby hands to hold. She wouldn't let me get a picture of her chewing it as her new favourite thing to do is run away from mummy but I promise you that she does enjoy using it and it seems to help.

It really doesn't look out of place around my neck as a necklace and no one would even know it was a teether.

Gumigem have a ranges of products available including pendants from £10, necklaces from £15.95 and bangles from £8.95. They can be purchased from HERE.  I think these prices are very reasonable as you are in fact getting a piece of jewellery and a teether!

Have you tried Gumigem? I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the product for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adding a Special Touch

Sometimes when I'm getting ready in the morning I need an extra special touch to finish off an outfit, whether it be a bracelet, some earrings or the perfect pair of shoes. Sometimes something is need to just make the outfit look complete. You need the right accessories. 

The same goes for baby outfits. Its ok dressing them in a cute outfit but if the outfit isn't finished off properly it doesn't look quite right.

Now I know what your thinking... They're just babies no one really cares what they look like. And I agree. Many a time Paige has just worn a t shirt and a nappy with food all over her face and looks as cute as anything but you may need them to be looking special. You may have a special event or just a family day out but sometimes they need to be looking extra cute.

Every baby needs to have some soft leather baby shoes to add that special touch, to finish off that gorgeous outfit. You may also want a cute bib. To protect that lovely outfit you worked so hard putting together.

It's important to have the soft leather shoes as a baby so there feet can develop, grow properly and have the right protection that them tiny little toes deserve. We had a gorgeous little pair for Paige and I can't wait until we have another baby so I can buy some more. You can get some gorgeous little ones these days, they don't have to be boring. 

Did your baby have some shoes that finished there outfit off perfectly?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Toddler Food - Pitta Pizza

I don't confess to being a food blogger so please be nice. I'm not a bad cook but I'm not the best. I have my dishes that I can cook which are mainly lasagna, spaghetti bolognaise or pie. I make a mean meat and potato pie :)

But we have been trying to come up with different meals for Paige to eat. One of my favourite that everyone loved at her birthday party was pitta pizzas. They are very easy, quick and make a fabulous lunch.

What you need...

Pitta bread
tomato puree
choice of toppings

Basically what you do is make a pizza but using a pitta bread instead of a pizza base. I do love making homemade pizza bases but you have to leave them to rise and they take quite a while to make. A pitta bread is so much easier and quicker. You can use whole wheat pitta bread like we do to make it healthier too and Paige doesn't even know the difference.

I love that you can load them up with different toppings. We went for lactose free cheese, ham and sweetcorn but you could have tuna, chicken, peppers, tomato, pineapple, anything you fancy really.

You then just pop them under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese melts and the pitta cooks :) Paige loves these pitta pizzas. She would have them everyday if I let her. I can't wait until she is polder and she can help make the pitta pizzas herself. I think it would be a fun little activity for a child to make their own and then eat it :) You could also make funny faces to make it a bit more interesting.

I hope you liked this slightly different post. I know it's not the hardest thing to do but I'm all about quick, easy and simple lunches :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx
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