Wednesday, 21 August 2013

15 Month Update

I feel like so much has changed and happened this month with Paige. 
The biggest thing is probably her teeth. If you remember her 14 month update you will recall that she only had 4 teeth. Well now she has 8 with another two coming through any day! How crazy is that? She got her 3rd and 4th top teeth, then 2 of her molars. The top left and bottom left. Now she has her top right molar coming in and her 3rd bottom tooth. She has being doing really well to say that they have all come at once. The only thing has really being effected is that she can't self settle as well as she normally does. So we give her a few minutes at bedtime but normaly have to rock her to sleep which isn't a problem. I know that once she stops teething she will be back to her normal fabulous self settling way :)
Her sleep is still really good. The odd night we have her waking up around 10pm but she goes back to sleep without a problem. She is sleeping around 12 hours on average. She is still only having one nap. Around 11am lasting 1 hour 45minutes. I normally wake her up after that. I hate doing that but if I let her sleep close to or over two hours she doesn't sleep well at night. 

She is doing amazingly well with her eating and can feed herself with a spoon and a fork. She tried my homemade meat and potato pie this month so look out for that recipe. She still loves her fruit and I'm trying to get her to eat more vegatables apart from sweet corn, potatoes and carrots. 
Her speech has come along this month also. She none stops chats away. She learnt to say baby and there this month. And now always says hi and waves when you first see her. It's so cute! 
She still loves colouring and is getting really good at holding crayons and pencils. She can also built towers now and is up to 4 blocks high which I think is rather impressive :)
She can also dress herself a bit better. She likes putting trousers on and still struggles a bit with shoes but she is getting there. She is now a size 5 in shoes. 
She weighs around 27lbs. Which is near to what she was the last time she was weighed. That will be all the running around she does :) I'm not sure how tall she is because she never stays still long enough but she's still a big girl and fits into most 18-24m clothes. I swear her 18-24m pjs are getting too small!
Daddy just HAD to get in on the photo!
Her stranger anxiety is getting a lot better. It doesn't take her half as long to warm up to people now and she will actually smile at some strangers. 
She is just becoming a little girl and changing everyday. She gives a million kisses and is so loving. I think her eyes are starting to go brown but we will see. I keep seeing little hints of brown in them lately.

Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. Awww wow at the tower, Rio's such a boy & just likes knocking them down!! He's only 21LB1 too, little dot! Yay for the teeth :) she looks so adorable!!

  2. She is too clever and way too pretty. Just so you know ... I am planning an arranged marriage with my son!!!
    There I've said it.... :D

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby - Baby & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Your baby is really sweet, Nicola. She is only of 15 months, so adorable. Now it is the time to start study planning for her. Choose a better play school for her. Check here Pre-school Buford, GA how schools can add benefits to her. Your baby is already smart and can adopt the things quickly. You and your husband both are too good that you people are spending lots of time with her. All her activities are really cute and it is what all babies do. Keep shinning always.


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