Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adding a Special Touch

Sometimes when I'm getting ready in the morning I need an extra special touch to finish off an outfit, whether it be a bracelet, some earrings or the perfect pair of shoes. Sometimes something is need to just make the outfit look complete. You need the right accessories. 

The same goes for baby outfits. Its ok dressing them in a cute outfit but if the outfit isn't finished off properly it doesn't look quite right.

Now I know what your thinking... They're just babies no one really cares what they look like. And I agree. Many a time Paige has just worn a t shirt and a nappy with food all over her face and looks as cute as anything but you may need them to be looking special. You may have a special event or just a family day out but sometimes they need to be looking extra cute.

Every baby needs to have some soft leather baby shoes to add that special touch, to finish off that gorgeous outfit. You may also want a cute bib. To protect that lovely outfit you worked so hard putting together.

It's important to have the soft leather shoes as a baby so there feet can develop, grow properly and have the right protection that them tiny little toes deserve. We had a gorgeous little pair for Paige and I can't wait until we have another baby so I can buy some more. You can get some gorgeous little ones these days, they don't have to be boring. 

Did your baby have some shoes that finished there outfit off perfectly?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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  1. This is so true, sometimes I dress Rio and then think..'You cannot wear those shoes with that outfit, it ruins it!'.. X


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