Monday, 5 August 2013

DIY Gift Ideas for Kids

Children love being creative, and one of the best ways that their creativity can be utilized is by encouraging them to design DIY gifts for friends and relatives.

Plain white gift bags can be decorated and be used to carry presents, or, with a little imagination, can become unique presents in their own right. Glitter paint and felt are just two ways that white gift bags can be transformed into unique and colourful gifts. 

Personalised cards can be fun for children to create and be completed in less than an hour. A button tree card is a good example of how simple items can be used to create something that little bit different, while a simple image on a card can be made more colourful by the addition of some glitter. 

A heart frame offers children a variety of ways to be creative. The heart shape in the frame can be made to stand out simply by placing glitter, gems, or buttons, or a combination of all three, in the heart. Children will also enjoy the 'paint your own photo-frame' idea, where they will have the chance of decorating a variety of fun frame designs.

There are a variety of friendship bracelets that children can easily create, too, and they will be able to choose from a numerous range of colour combinations. Threads of different colour can be mixed together to give each bracelet the personal touch.

Bookmarks will be a perfect gift for book lovers. Stitchwork can be used to create a range of patterns, or even famous characters from literature that will appeal to all ages.

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