Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Getting Ready For Baby

When your pregnant a lot of things race through your mind. It's such an amazing but scary time. A lot of mums to be enjoy the whole process of getting ready for the baby to arrive, who wouldn't? It is so exciting to plan everything and think about how life will be once your baby arrives. I had endless lists of things that we needed to buy or things that we needed to do.

One of the big things is the nursery. And to tell you the truth we didn't do a good job. Yes we got all the Nursery furniture we needed but we didn't decorate. We didn't really see the point to be honest. The room was cream, so nice and neutral and the baby was going to stay in our room for the first few months anyway. I got the idea into our heads that we would look at decorating near Christmas time when the baby would be 7 months old..... that never happened!! Now we are still hoping to decorate before Paige is 2 and just turn her nursery straight into a big girl room :) I still watch with envy as other mums and dads to be properly decorate the nursery and get ready for their baby but it just wasn't the right thing for us to do.

Paige has her all important cot bed ready to be transformed when she is ready and i'm very much looking forward to transforming her very boring room into a place fit for the princess that she is. For us a cot bed was a must have. We wanted something that would last Paige a good few years rather than a cot which she would grow out of. It also saved us money in the long run as we now don't have to buy her a toddler bed. All we have to do is transform the cot bed into the toddler bed.

Getting ready for a baby and indeed a toddler is exciting. Bambino Direct have everything to get you started!

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  1. I can't wait to move and do Thomas's big boy room although we will probably keep the walls neutral and then perhaps get those wall stickers in the theme he is having

  2. We never got round to decorating the nursery either with my first...lol So much easier just to make it into a big girl room....
    Ohh I agree a cot bed is a must! My youngest had her's until just after her 4th birthday!

    1. 4 years that is fab! I think Paige will be the same x

  3. Decoration is only optional really. If you're on a budget, it's already expensive enough to buy all the furniture and equipment for the baby. I'll definitely put the priority on useful pieces of furniture, just like you did :)

    1. Exactly!!! Get the most important things first. Decoration can come after :) x


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