Thursday, 1 August 2013

REVIEW - Brother Max Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight

A lot of children like to sleep with a night light. It makes them feel safe and secure and helps them get a better nights sleep. While Paige may be a little young to completely understand and have a fear of the dark she has always slept with a nightlight. The one she has is on the back of her baby monitor. It isn't very appealing and isn't very good to be honest.

The Brother Max Bear Carry and Hang Nightlight is a different story altogether. 
'Incredibly versatile as it can be positioned anywhere to suit your little ones needs on a shelf, hung on a door handle or a hook. The clever design allows toddlers to carry the night light perfect if you need to visit the toilet in the night, the night light provides a source of comfort and reassurance for babies and toddlers by emitting a soft glow in their room. It can be set to a choice of single colours or a gradual colour change - yet the bear stays cold to touch, so little one can even sleep with it!
The soft, tactile finish makes this an adorable toy that little ones will enjoy playing with, yet the robust choice of materials ensures it is child friendly and can withstand being dropped. When unlit, the bear will remain a soft yellow colour, fully rechargeable and uniquely lasting an incredible 12 hours on one charge.'

We love this nightlight and I think that as Paige gets older the nightlight will just become more loved. 

It currently hangs on her wardrobe door or sits on her shelf. We haven't tried putting her to bed with it yet but that is something that could happen in the future if she wanted to take it to bed with her. We know that it is perfectly safe for her to sleep with it.

I love the cute bear design and it does remain cool to the touch. I also like that you can choose from the changing colour of lights to a steady glow of one. Another good feature is the fact that it can hang it from a handle. It makes it easy access for your child if they want to take it to the bathroom with them if they are older than Paige.

Paige loves to carry it around almost like it is one of her teddies. She really seems to like it and I do think that will grow as she gets older and learns about what it does properly.

The nightlight comes with a rechargeable base and mains plug and lasts for 12 hours when fully charged, perfect for a full nights sleep.

The nightlight is also available in a cute bunny design. It is priced at £29.99 and is available to buy from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Does your child have a nightlight?

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