Monday, 5 August 2013

Weaning - Lactose Free Cows Milk

Some of you may remember that instead of switching Paige to growing up milk at 6 months we decided to stay with formula.

At 12 months we faced another challenge, switching to cows milk. Until that point Paige had small amounts of cows milk in mashed potato and had been ok. So I offered her cows milk in a sippy cup to see if she would take, she wouldn't. So I began adding some cows milk to her formula. She seemed to do really well but when she would have more than a couple of oz added her eczema would flare up and it just didn't seem right.

I took her to the doctors and they suggested to try soya milk, so we did. Paige seemed fine drinking that but for some reason I wasn't comfortable with her on soya milk. It just didn't feel right. I read alot about lactose and it seemed to fit that Paige might have a problem with so I went with my instincts and we tried her on lactose free cows milk.

Something clicked into place, it felt right.

I offered Paige some and she took to it right away. We then added some into her formula until after a few weeks we built up to half and half. Then it got to where she was mostly having lactose free milk with only a couple of oz of formula. Now she drinks just lactose free milk and loves it!

She is 14 months old so it's taken us about 2 months to wean her off the formula and find a milk that agrees with her body and sits well with me as her mum.

I can't really explain why I was so uncomfortable with soya milk but I just knew that lactose free was right for her. I don't know if she is lactose intolerant but it is working for us now. Her eczema is very much still under control and has probably improved since the switch.

How was your child with cows milk?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. My son WAS fine with cow's milk or so I thought. We switched at 12 months no problem, he loved it.
    But now at 2 1/2 months, his nursery suggested that maybe he had a slight intolerance to certain foods because his poos were rarely properly formed. So they changed him to soya or oatly milk or lactose free (along with another girl at nursery who ready has that), and I've been trying to cut down at home.

    It seems to have helped, as everytime my OH or his gran give him normal yogurt or ice cream (my OH doesn't believe in intolerances), his poos are horrendous again. We've not gone full blast - so a bit of butter occasionally if we've not got any lactose free, or a bit of milk or cheese in meals or cheesecake I'm not too worried about, but no more cows milk for drinking, and where I have ability to stop him having dairy with meals it'll help.

    I'm not keen on soya milk (mainly because of the taste), and he won't drink it. The lactose free milk is great because to me it tastes like milk anyway. He likes the cheese too (vile and rubbery to me) and the butter tastes good - I might change to that myself.

    My only issue with it, is that it comes in such large cartons. My son's at nursery 5 days a week so only has milk on cereal 2 mornings, and occasionally a drink - mostly not more than a couple of sips now. So it's a waste of a lot of 'milk' as the OH won't use it, and I'm on a diet so need skimmed milk. If I could have 1 pint cartons that would be great, or little cartons like the juice boxes.

  2. After reading this its suddenly dawned on me this could be why Thomas's eczema has flared up since his birthday and we made the switch at first I thought it was the heat but not its cooled down and none of the creams seem to be doing much the only other thing I can think is it's because of the amount of milk he's drinking now


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