Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wedding Planning - The Budget

The first thing to think about when planning a wedding is the budget. It is rubbish to have to sit down and plan what you can afford but for many people this is a very critical thing that needs to be done.

It gives you organisation, a guide and something to aim for.

When me and Mark started planning our wedding the budget was a big thing that we spoke about for a while. We tried to do some research on roughly how much things would cost, what we didn't really want/need and what we could do ourselves.

We came up with a list of things that to us were essential...
A dress,
A suit,
A dress for Paige,
The ceremony,
Flowers and Rings.

Those were the minimum things we wanted to get married. Anything else would be a bonus. We aren't too bothered about a car or a big reception. We do plan to have a small meal after the wedding just with the 10 wedding guests but we are asking everyone to let for themselves. 

I thought I would do a post for each thing as we go along with the planning. This way I can hopefully include some tips and you can follow our journey up until the big day.

So my tips for setting a budget...
1) Don't spend more than you can afford
2) Do plenty of research on how much things cost
3) Think about your family and friends talents and how they can help
4) Can you make your own invites/place settings?
5) Think about what you really want and not what you think people expect
6) Have a wedding that is out of the typical wedding season - things will be cheaper

I think I will keep adding to this list as I go :) My next few posts will be about my dressing dress, the cake and the ceremony.

Any tips on to help the budget? Leave them in a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. What about a band/DJ? Are you having a reception at all?

  2. about the cake, before our wedding i allocate my chief bridesmaid to order a wedding cake and future mother in law to order cupcakes. So from experience of my sister (chief bridesmaid), price goes up when its a wedding (obviously) she looked thru catalogues to choose a cake and found out that you can actually order the same wedding cake as a standard cake, the same wedding cake was twice in a catalogue- once because it was a celebration cake and second time as wedding cake, the same cake!! with a huge difference in price, so bare this in mind) maybe sometimes just dont mention that you getting married, maybe its best to say that its a present or something))

  3. About dress i am 100% behind ebay, why to spend loads of money on a dress that you will never wear and it will get dirty in seconds, mine was..with something red..i dont even know where from and i tried everything red mark is still there( so i spent 60 pounds on a dress and im absolutely happy that i did

  4. We had cupcakes from M&S for our cake, my dress was from Ebay, flowers were fake (still have them all), 6yo's dress was a bargain £20 from BHS sale.


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