Monday, 30 September 2013

Project 365 - Week 39

Monday 23rd September

Tuesday 24th September

Wednesday 25th September
Beautiful Girl

Thursday 26th September
Cuddles with Millie

Friday 27th September
Cuddles with Paige

Saturday 28th September
Hen Do Part 1

Sunday 29th September
New Jeans 
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Nicola Xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Am I Really Getting Married?

This morning we received the cake topper and I've just realised that it still doesn't feel like i'm actually getting married.

Its such a strange feeling.

My wedding dress is upstairs, bits and pieces are starting to arrive but yet it still doesn't feel real. 

We have had the date booked for about 7 weeks now and with less than 8 weeks until the wedding I'm realising that time is flying by. We still have so much left to do. But somehow it still doesn't feel real.

I felt the same way when I was pregnant. I knew there was a baby inside my belly, I could feel her moving around but it didn't feel real. Even now when Paige is 16 months old it sometimes still doesn't feel real. I sit and look and her and wonder how its possible that i'm a mum to such a beautiful little girl. Almost like I somehow imagined being pregnant. I look at pictures of pregnant me and can't believe I had a little baby inside me.

When will it sink in that i'm getting married? When we buy the rings? On my hen do? The night before? When i'm putting on my dress? When i'm walking down the aisle? When I say 'I do'?

I will have to let you know.

When did it sink in for you?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Review - Frilly Lily

I love anything girly and Paige does too, at least for now. When the lovely Bridget got in touch from Frilly Lily and asked us to review the short fairy tutu I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Luckily I didn't have long to wait because it arrived the next day.
'Widely recognised for quality manufacture, and original designs, frilly lily dressing up costumes and dolls clothes and accessories, have been delighting children since 2000.
Within our unique range of dressing up costumes, the collection of fairy costumes, together with ballet outfits, dance costumes, and luxurious princess dresses are developed around traditional themes, which we hope offer a timeless quality and attraction to both children and their parents.
Our exciting new selection of fairy gift wear, is an extension of the costume range, incorporating the same quality and attention to detail, including fantastic fairy activity sets, fairy stationery, fairy backpacks, and fairy baking sets and our beautiful Fairy Bedding Range'
The tutu arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't wait for Paige to try it on. It is baby pink with a full tutu attached. The tutu is made from the softest tulle and has nine layers. The top layer is also edged with pink satin ribbon which I think is a lovely touch and makes the tutu look lovely. It also has cute little fairy wings on the back. The tutu can be machine washed and also popped into the dryer making it cute and super easy to keep clean. Priced at £26 the tutu is a little more expensive than I would pay for a dressing up costume for Paige but for the quality you are getting a really lovely, well made tutu.
As Paige is bigger than the average 16 month old so I ordered a size 18-24m. The tutu fits her but it won't for very long. The tutu is meant to be fitted but it is actually quite tight on Paige around her arms and legs.

The dress is lovely quality and feels very nice. Paige was happily running around in it while I was trying to get some pictures of her wearing it.

They also sell a variety of other things and I'm eyeing up the Ladybird Fairy Bug costume for Paige for Halloween.

You can also follow Frilly Lily on twitter @frillylilyx

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Why Getting Married Is Important To Me

I asked on Twitter what posts you would like to see. The first to reply back was the lovely Lucy from Capture by Lucy. She asked me to write a post about why getting married is important to me. So here it is :)

Getting married is very important to me. One of the main reasons we are getting married is to be together. Silly as it sounds but I want to be Marks wife. I want him to be my husband. I honestly think that connection must be pretty amazing. To know that you have come together in front of family and friends to announce your love for one and other. To be a partnership, a unit. Facing the world together, forever.

I know that me and Mark are a solid team  now and together with Paige we are a family but something makes everyone else accept a family more if they are married. At least I think so. We aren't doing it for others at all but if getting married helps shows people that we are a family, a team then that's another reason to get married.

Another reason is my surname. I HATE having a different last name to Paige. I've thought about just changing it but something about that doesn't quite feel right without marriage, is that silly? I know that whatever my last name I'm her mum and nothing can change that but by having a different last name just doesn't feel right.

I can't wait to be a wife and to have a husband.  Marriage is a bond that I can't wait to experience. 

Is marriage important to you?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

My Surprises

Last week didn't start off too well. A poorly Paige and I was really fed up. 

Little did I know that I would be getting two surprises during the end of the week. 

The first one was that Kerry and Charlotte are travelling all the way up north for my hen do. Having only met them once this may seem a little strange to some but we talk everyday. I feel like I know them so well and I'm so excited that they can come to my hen do. I actually cried when they told me. I didn't believe them. Then mark showed me all the messages between them. They had been planning it since the middle of August! How sweet is mark for asking them and how amazing are they for coming? All that way just for me! Love you ladies. 

The next surprise came after I had had my hair cut and got given some new pjs. My friend came round to see us and in the middle of everything we got talking about a christening I'm going to at the weekend. And my friend turned around and said that I wasn't going. Little did I know the whole christening story was a lie and her and mark had planned a night away for me and her. A part 1 to my hen do. I've been told to pack a bag and I'm getting picked up on Saturday afternoon. That's all I know. I'm so excited!!!

I will defiantly let you know what happens and where we go. I feel so lucky to have such amazing people around me.

When i'm down I can defiantly count of them and Paige to make me smile.

Who makes you smile the most when your down?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Project 365 - Week 38

Monday 16th September
Deep in thought

Tuesday 17th September
16 months old

Wednesday 18th September
Poorly princess

Thursday 19th September
Love the time after her bath

Friday 20th September
Finally painted my nails

Saturday 21st September
We are so cool!

Sunday 22nd September

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Nicola Xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Poorly Paige

My darling Paige, 

You aren't very well at the moment. To be honest September doesn't seem like our month at all. First we all get colds. You couldn't stop coughing and sneezing and has a runny nose. Your sleep wasn't perfect but it was manageable. A couple of days after you got over that you started teething again as you were getting another molar. I can't bear to see you screaming in pain. 

And now your really not yourself at all. Your running a fever and aren't yourself at all.You lay on the sofa all day not interested in playing at all. It's so sad to see. The doctor says it could be a viral infection or just from your teeth. We don't really know. 

Even when sick you're still so beautiful

Now your sleep is terrible. As much as you need your rest you can't seem to get any. You woke up 11 times the other night. Your cry is heart breaking but you still occasionally smile for me and daddy which is nice. Your also still a hungry little bear and for the most part will eat or drink whatever we give you which is good.

But we miss our happy and playful little girl.
Get well soon baby girl. 

Love mummy Xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Why Some Mums Avoid Bathing Their Child*

As most of you may know Paige suffers from eczema and has since she was first born. A big part of her life at the moment is her bathing and cream routine that we have in place to help control her skin and make her as comfortable as possible. I feel this is an important part of her day and to be honest it is something that I look forward to as I see that it helps Paige and her skin.
New research from the makers of Oilatum shows almost half (45%) of mums find their child's bath time one of the most stressful parts of their day.
In fact, more than one in three (36%) mums admit they sometimes avoid bathing their child because they find it so stressful. And although NHS Choices suggests bathing a child at least two or three times a week, the research shows one in five (20%) mums are bathing their child just once a week or less.
To me these figures are quite shocking. I could understand a little if the child didn't like bath time but it's such an important step for children with eczema and those without too. We are so lucky that Paige is such a water baby and loves bath time, even with all her creams.
To help support mums, the makers of Oilatum have launched Comfort Skin Therapy – a new booklet with tips and advice from experts and real parents on how to look after a child’s needs at bath and bedtime.
Professor John Harper, a Professor of Paediatric Dermatology in London with over 30 years’ experience of treating dry skin conditions, including eczema, who helped contribute to Comfort Skin Therapy said; “It’s particularly worrying that parents feel bathing could make their child’s dry skin and eczema worse – it’s actually one of the most important things they can do in managing their child’s skin. Emollients added to the bath water coat the skin with a thin film of oil, which helps restore the integrity of the skin barrier, softens the skin and prevents it from drying out.”
 The Top 5 Five Bath Time Tips for children with dry skin and eczema from Comfort Skin Therapy:
  1. All children are different and treatment for a dry skin condition, including eczema, can vary according to what works for you, however it is always important when managing dry skin conditions, to restore the ‘skin barrier’, to stop the skin becoming drier and more irritated[1]
  2. Emollients moisturise and soften the skin which can reduce itching and therefore scratching, and bathing in emollients every day helps to keep the skin supple and helps prevent infections in scratches and sore patches
  3. Add a bath emollient oil to the bath water to help prevent the skin from drying out – try to choose one designed specifically for children with dry skin
  4. The temperature of the bath water should not be too warm or hot – try to match the bath water as close to the bathroom air temperature as you can as changes in temperature can aggravate dry skin
  5. After the bath, pat your child’s skin dry (try to avoid ‘rubbing’ the skin too much with the towel), and then apply an emollient moisturiser to all areas of dry skin to help seal the water back in.
To request a copy of the Comfort Skin Therapy booklet, simply email or visit netmums for more information.

Review - Mega Bloks First Builders Range

I honestly think that every child needs Mega Bloks. They can learn, develop and just create anything they want. They can play together, with you or on their own.

Paige was sent three products from The Enterainer to try out. She got the Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, the 123 Count set and the Sonny school bus all from the first builders range. The toys are very much all ready to play with apart from the 123 Count Set. This comes with stickers which an adult must stick on. This take around 5 minutes to do, it isn't very hard but I have found that some stickers are starting to peel off at the corners just through Paige playing with them.

Paige loves these items. She loves to push the little school bus around and also tries to put too many bloks into it, she still needs to learn a bit more :) She is completely obsessed with the little man that comes with the school bus and will carry him around in her handbag. Paige started off by just knocking down the towers that I was building but now she loves nothing more than sitting and building with you or on her own. She gets a little frustrated sometimes as the bloks that came in the 123 Count set don't always fit together as snug as some of the other building bloks.

She will quite happily sit and build for a good 20 minutes on her own and even longer when you sit and play with her. If she is in a little bit of a grump the bloks are some of the only toys that actually help her get out of her mood and playing again.

I love the stickers on the 123 count set. As Paige gets older these will be good for teaching her numbers and encouraging her to learn and hopefully develop a love of numbers like her daddy. Speaking of which, Mark really enjoys playing with the mega bloks with Paige. They can happily sit and build together while spending some all important quality time together. Meaning I can sit back with a cup of tea and watch.

Has your little one got any mega bloks?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

16 Month Update

Only two more moths until my princess is 1 and a half years old!!! I still cant believe she is 1 never mind nearly 1 and a half. 

This month saw Paige spending a couple of weeks ill with a cold. She has also got 2 more teeth so teething has been a pain too. She now has 10 teeth. Another bottom molar and a front bottom tooth. Her other top molar has a corner broken through but we are still waiting for the rest. She also needs another front bottom tooth. They have arrived in a weird order.

She has been quite high maintenance this month to be honest. She has been quite grumpy and fussy with her food. She is getting better so I'm blaming her molar for that. She also seems obsessed with sitting on me, next to me, cuddling me and just generally touching me. Which to be honest I am loving but it's hard to get things done. I know she won't be small for long though so I'm enjoying the cuddles while I can. Saying that she does still play on her own very well and is normally less grumpy when I'm out of the room. 

She learnt how to pretend to snore this month which is so cute. She will lay down, eyes open and make a snoring noise. 

She understands a lot more now and can follow instructions (when she wants to) She will bring me things when I ask. Or I ask her if she wants water for example and she nods her head. Sometimes she just points and makes a weird sound to whatever she wants.

He favourite word this month has defiantly been baby. She really tries to say nose while pointing at your nose but its comes out as no so far. I think she has picked up on this because we say nose to Millie while pointing and touching her nose. Other than that she hasn't learnt anymore words. 

She makes it very clear when she wants something and loves teddies and blankets. 

Her balance is getting even better. She now stops herself falling over  and catches her balance very well. Probably more than me!! She also wants to walk a lot more rather than be in her pram. So we have let her iwalk to the shop with us and she loved it.

She is starting to look more like a toddler and lees like a baby each day. As a result of this she is losing wrist rolls and getting boring normal wrists :P

Her and Millie's relationship has grown this month too. She is a lot more gentle with her and feeds her treats. Its so cute. 

I think that's pretty much all this month. It's passed by so quickly. 

Thanks for reading, 

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Review - Nonabox September box

You might be asking yourself what is Nonabox? Well Nonabox is a subscription service that accompanies you through pregnancy and your childs first 2 years. You pop along onto the website and subscribe for £25 each month. You then wait for your box to be delivered free to your door. Once it arrives you get to discover all the fabulous products inside which always amount to more value than the £25 you pay. You can also unsubscribe to the service at any point which I think is great. You also get to personalise your box by adding your stage of pregnancy or your childs age. This way all the products you receive will be useful.

Let's get onto the products in my box. I got 7 products altogether. A Cloud B sheep, water wipes, baby cup, Beaba spoon, Ella's kitchen meal, a Gumi Gem teething necklace and a mam toothbrush. These all came beautifully packaged in a lovely box which is very good quality.

Cloud B sheep
Looks like a fabulous product. It's a sheep which folds out into a pillow and is scented with lavender. I think a lot of people and children will love this product. Personally for me the scent is a bit too strong but that's my personal taste. I'm not a fan of candles either. Strong smells give me a headache. But the pillow itself is cute, well padded and Paige loves it. The lavender can be taken out of the sheep and personally I think that's what I will do. 

Ella's kitchen meal
We love Ella's kitchen products and have since we first started weaning. I like that it was included in the box and gives you a chance to try it out if you haven't already. Paige hasn't yet tried it but i'm sure she will love it.

MAM Toothbrush
Suitable from 6 months old I love that a toothbrush is included. You can never have too many spares and Paige needs a new one. Fabulous. 

Beaba Spoon 
This spoon turns 360 degrees so the child can feed themselves and which ever way they hold the spoon it is able to go into their mouth because the handle twists. I love the idea but in reality the spoon doesn't quite live up to 360 degrees. It does 180 without a problem but then gets stuck.

Baby Cup
Such a good idea. I can't to try this out with Paige.

Water Wipes
I've heard a lot of good things about water wipes. I'm excited to try them out. Paige has reactions to a few wipes so because these are made from mostly water I'm hoping they are ok. However with two packs of 10 wipes I'm not going to be able to try them many times.

Gumi Gem teething necklace
I've actually already got one of these but always nice to have a different colour. See my review HERE.

The retail prices for each product are below. 
Cloud B sheep - £16
MAM Toothbrush- £3.50
Ella's kitchen meal- £2.19
Beaba Spoon - £7.00
Baby Cup- £1.70
Water Wipes- 60p each
Gumi Gem teething necklace- £12.95

I think that an information card with details of each product would be a nice touch but it isn't necessary. Overall I am very impressed with the Nonabox. Like I mentioned before the box is £25 with free delivery. I will be very interested to see what the next box contains.

Have you tried Nonabox?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this Nonabox purely for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Eyes Have It

I love eyes. I'm not really sure why but I find them amazing. How they work and all the different colours.

When I was pregnant everyone, including myself, was convinced that Paige would have brown eyes. Purely because of the fact that mine are so dark. Most of the time you can't even tell my pupil from the rest of my eye, that's how dark they are. So when she was born with blue eyes although they were quite a dark blue, I'll be honest I freaked out a little. Not because I was upset, to tell you the truth I didn't care what colour they were as long as she was healthy.

I always thought Mark had blue eyes. But some days they are a very light greenish colour. I was looking into eye colour the other day and realised that he actually had grey eyes. I love his eyes. I think they are so gorgeous but there was no chance in my mind that Paige would have the same colour purely because mine are so dark.

Over the first few months Paige's eyes turned green. A very dark green. I guess that makes them a perfect mix of mine and marks, I loved them. I love that they are different and to be honest I think mine are boring.

Until recently that is. A week ago I was looking at Paige from the side. I caught a glimpse of her eyes, they looked brown. A light golden brown. I freaked out. Had her eyes just changed colour I hadn't even noticed. I brought her closer to me and straight on and saw her beautiful green eyes looking back at me. Confused!

A few days ago mark was giving Paige a bath and said how he thought Paige's eyes were turning brown. I hadn't mentioned anything to him the previous day when I noticed.

Now her eyes are green with a light brown ring starting to form in the middle. You can mostly see the brown hint when she is at an angle. Straight on they are very much dark green still.

Does this mean her eyes will turn hazel, go brown completely or stay dark green?!

Childrens eye colour can change up until around 3 years of age. The biggest change happenes around 6-9 months. This was around the time Paiges turned from blue to green. I can't wait to see what happens.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Project 365 - Week 37

Monday 9th September 

Tuesday 10th September
First proper plait

Wednesday 11th September
An up and coming post

Thursday 12th September
Not the best picture but I love this pic

Friday 13th September 
Cookie monster

Saturday 14th September
Paige feeding Millie

Sunday 15th September
Lifts are serious business

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Review -

I love little items that make a house into a home. Little special touches can make all the difference.

If you are looking for some little treats for your home look no further than The website itself is easy to navigate and clear to use. The first time I actually tried to order an error message came up. I got in touch with the team who said that they were having a little trouble with the website at the time I was ordering and that everything should be fixed. I ordered again and sure enough everything went through without a hitch. Delivery was quick and the products came packaged well.

The first thing I ordered was the Mr and Mrs grey slate hanging heart sign from the wedding category. It is exactly how it sounds, a slate heart sign with the words Mr and Mrs written on and a piece of rope attached. One of the reasons I picked this piece was because me and Mark are getting married soon. I thought it would be a lovely addition to our home for us to put up after the wedding. It would make a lovely wedding gift and at £10 isn't badly priced at all. The sign is nice and weighty and feels really solid.

The next thing i ordered was the single white 'label me' chalk paint mug by Parlane. I choose this item because I love mugs and I loved the idea of writing a name on the mug. I am a little obsessed with mugs so this would be the perfect gift for me. The mug is white with a strip of chalk paint around the middle. It comes with a little piece of chalk and an eraser tied together with string. I do think sort of product is fun but i'm not sure how long I would actually continue to write on the mug but it is a fun gift. A set of two would make lovely wedding gifts as well as the heart sign. My only problem is that this cup at £7 and I think it's a little expensive. Maybe a deal for 2 for £10 would be good and then they would make the perfect gift.

Overall I love both items and I am very happy with the website and service. 

What makes your house feel like a home?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent these products for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Just Me

It's not very often that I just do a post about me. When you have a baby you don't think of me anymore and thats a perfect natural thing. But I feel like i'm losing me. I'm not the same person I was before I became a mum and strangely enough planning the wedding has taught me that.

I don't hate how I look although I have looked better but for the wedding I want to look my best. I think every bride does. Since becoming a mummy i've let things slide. I think tiredness does that to you. I don't follow a skincare routine as much as I used to, I don't paint my nails or get my hair done and I often forgot even simple things like drinking water throughout the day.

All these things have kind of bulit up and made me not feel like myself and get a little fed up to be honest. I want to feel amazing on my wedding day. I want to look the best I can.

I used to be a beauty student, I used to have weekly facials and manicures. I loved it and sure I still would. That's why I entered training in the first place.

I miss all that. I miss reading, I haven't sat down with a book in ages.

So this is my plan. My wedding diet if you like. It isn't a diet at all but if I keep in mind the wedding i'm more likely to stick with it.

1. Drink more water. I'm going to aim for 2 liters a day. Drinking a glass of water every hour is my plan at the moment.

2. Get my skin back on track. Surely I can look tired but have fabulous skin.

3. Read a book

4. Paint my nails every 2 weeks at least. I find it relaxing and fun.

5. Start working out. I'm convincing Mark to do the 30 day shred with me. I want some results and want them quickly for the wedding.

6. Stop eating bread. This may sound like a strange one but i've been getting so bloated lately and i'm 99% sure its because of bread. I will cut it out for a couple of weeks and see if that helps.

7. To make an effort to laugh more. I'm a happy person I swear but I feel like i'm stuck in a bit of a ditch at the moment and laughing is wonderful therapy, at least for me.

Tell me a joke in the comments to get me started!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are any of The Avengers positive role models for boys?*

We’re looking at the new Avengers, as in the ones from the film, so sorry to any avid comic fans out there, but anyway. These guys are at the frontline of superhero cinema now, and with a new series about their shadow office S.H.I.E.L.D. making their way into a TV series this autumn we can expect even more of them in the limelight. If you go on gift sites like you can already see they’re plastered over the boys gifts section, and that’s probably not going to become less likely over the next few years with a lot more films planned in the future. But are these guys really a good set of role models for our next generation? Let’s have a look at their individual traits and how suitable they are or are not.


Bruce Banner is a hard-working pioneer of gamma bombs, toiled by a history of a tough childhood. While he may be a little quiet, he isn’t really that bad. Unfortunately he then turns into a huge green thing, incapable of death, linguistics beyond saying ‘hulk smash’ and any intelligent thought. Role model score for this guy would have to be 1 out of 10 unless you want to child aspiring to be a huge green block of violence. The one comes from the ripped shorts that can change size to fit either character, that’s ingenious.


Every parent wants the best for their child, and they can’t help but wish they have the biggest aspirations when they grow up. Whether they want their children to be full on gods, however, is a different matter.

When considering his role model suitability, consider that he is generally a good guy, one hell of a temper, but not near that of Hulk, a massive hammer that he can throw and even fly with and attractive enough to get all the good looking girls. Come to think of it, Thor is probably one of the best. 8/10.

Iron Man 

Described on  as ‘An American Billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer,’ Iron Man is a steadfast role model for the American Dream which should be promoted by all the parents of capitalism. Only adverse qualities are shrapnel filled blood which could kill him instantly if it weren’t for the electromagnet embedded in his chest and the desire of many a comic book villain to destroy him and everything he owns- usually something to do with the weapons he sells to terrorists overseas. Does he still do that? Not on your watch, he won’t! 7/10


Probably one of the least-known from the films, Hawkeye is a good all round guy. He may have previously been a villain, and seems weak to psychic manipulation, but you know, he’s alright. 5/10

Black Widow


Captain America

Another one along the lines of Iron Man. This fella is a good example of how the little guy can become the big guy. The only negative score could be that his unwavering patriotism could get in the way of everyday tasks such as washing up or ironing. Other than that he’s top notch. 8/10 

Review - ASDA Little Tikes Hen Friends

Asda has come out with a new range of toys. Little Tikes. These toys are said to be a fun range of engaging toys which are exclusively sold at Asda. 

Paige was sent the Little Tikes Hen Friends to play with and for me to review it. When the product arrived Paige was actually napping so I took it out of the box and had a play with it myself. The idea of the hens is that they can be played with individually or they can be stacked on top of each other to create a tower or inside each other like Russian dolls. All over the packaging it states that the hens click together which isn't the case at all.

There are 4 hens altogether and the only one I could get both half to stay together was the smallest one. The others don't click together. This causes Paige some trouble when trying to play with them because she tries to click them together and them stack them and it doesn't work because they don't stay together. This is also the case when you pop them all inside the bigger one, they don't stay together so can't properly be played with. There is no way that Paige would be able to build the tower that I built for the pictures which is a shame because I know that she would it. I managed to build the tower by balancing them half on top of each other.

I'm quite disappointed because I think they would be a cute little toy and at £8 the price point is good. I'm hoping that we just got a strange set and there not all the same.

Little Tikes products are now available in Asda stores and online at

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent this for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*
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