Wednesday, 18 September 2013

16 Month Update

Only two more moths until my princess is 1 and a half years old!!! I still cant believe she is 1 never mind nearly 1 and a half. 

This month saw Paige spending a couple of weeks ill with a cold. She has also got 2 more teeth so teething has been a pain too. She now has 10 teeth. Another bottom molar and a front bottom tooth. Her other top molar has a corner broken through but we are still waiting for the rest. She also needs another front bottom tooth. They have arrived in a weird order.

She has been quite high maintenance this month to be honest. She has been quite grumpy and fussy with her food. She is getting better so I'm blaming her molar for that. She also seems obsessed with sitting on me, next to me, cuddling me and just generally touching me. Which to be honest I am loving but it's hard to get things done. I know she won't be small for long though so I'm enjoying the cuddles while I can. Saying that she does still play on her own very well and is normally less grumpy when I'm out of the room. 

She learnt how to pretend to snore this month which is so cute. She will lay down, eyes open and make a snoring noise. 

She understands a lot more now and can follow instructions (when she wants to) She will bring me things when I ask. Or I ask her if she wants water for example and she nods her head. Sometimes she just points and makes a weird sound to whatever she wants.

He favourite word this month has defiantly been baby. She really tries to say nose while pointing at your nose but its comes out as no so far. I think she has picked up on this because we say nose to Millie while pointing and touching her nose. Other than that she hasn't learnt anymore words. 

She makes it very clear when she wants something and loves teddies and blankets. 

Her balance is getting even better. She now stops herself falling over  and catches her balance very well. Probably more than me!! She also wants to walk a lot more rather than be in her pram. So we have let her iwalk to the shop with us and she loved it.

She is starting to look more like a toddler and lees like a baby each day. As a result of this she is losing wrist rolls and getting boring normal wrists :P

Her and Millie's relationship has grown this month too. She is a lot more gentle with her and feeds her treats. Its so cute. 

I think that's pretty much all this month. It's passed by so quickly. 

Thanks for reading, 

Nicola Xx


  1. That last photo of her is just so cheeky and cute. I can't believe she is one and a half, I still remember you being pregnant! x

    1. Thank you sweetie. I do love that picture! Another 2 months until she is 1 and a half but it is going so fast x


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