Monday, 2 September 2013

A Family Moment

It's not very often that we actually go anywhere fancy as a family. Yes we spend time together but don't really do anything exciting.

One of our favourite things to do is go to the park. Its not a special park with amazing things but its close and we love it.

So this past bank holiday we had lunch and then got ready and off to the park we went. We hadn't been in quite a while because of the weather so it was lovely to get out. We took a football because Mark is obsessed and Paige also loves to run around after it and kick it. I of course took my camera.

It was lovely to spend time together. We left both phones at home so we could just concentrate on each other and Paige.

We ran around, kicked the ball, rolled around in the grass and just had fun. Paige kept running and tripping up (not hurting herself) because the ground was a bit uneven. She also insisted on taking her handbag so seeing her running around chasing a football holding a handbag was quite funny.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon :)

What's your favourite place to go as a family?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Looks perfect! We are big fans of the park too and lucky it is at the end of our road. x

    1. Ours is only a 5 minute walk away. It's fabulous having a park so close isn't it? xx

  2. Aww looks like a great day out nn the less..we love the park too as Rio is ball obsessed! Other than that he loves going down to the horses or to the nature reserve!

    1. It was fab!! Awwww bless him. Paige loves dogs at the moment so the park is perfect for her :) x

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