Friday, 27 September 2013

Am I Really Getting Married?

This morning we received the cake topper and I've just realised that it still doesn't feel like i'm actually getting married.

Its such a strange feeling.

My wedding dress is upstairs, bits and pieces are starting to arrive but yet it still doesn't feel real. 

We have had the date booked for about 7 weeks now and with less than 8 weeks until the wedding I'm realising that time is flying by. We still have so much left to do. But somehow it still doesn't feel real.

I felt the same way when I was pregnant. I knew there was a baby inside my belly, I could feel her moving around but it didn't feel real. Even now when Paige is 16 months old it sometimes still doesn't feel real. I sit and look and her and wonder how its possible that i'm a mum to such a beautiful little girl. Almost like I somehow imagined being pregnant. I look at pictures of pregnant me and can't believe I had a little baby inside me.

When will it sink in that i'm getting married? When we buy the rings? On my hen do? The night before? When i'm putting on my dress? When i'm walking down the aisle? When I say 'I do'?

I will have to let you know.

When did it sink in for you?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. I knew I was getting married and planning everything but it didn't feel real until after the wedding.
    For about a month or so I was in a little bubble kept pinching myself to see if it was real and that is when it started to sink in. Can't believe your getting married. Exciting :) xx

    1. I think I i will be the same :) hehe. I'm so excited xx

  2. aww bless you! its such a exiting time! enjoy it xx


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