Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are any of The Avengers positive role models for boys?*

We’re looking at the new Avengers, as in the ones from the film, so sorry to any avid comic fans out there, but anyway. These guys are at the frontline of superhero cinema now, and with a new series about their shadow office S.H.I.E.L.D. making their way into a TV series this autumn we can expect even more of them in the limelight. If you go on gift sites like you can already see they’re plastered over the boys gifts section, and that’s probably not going to become less likely over the next few years with a lot more films planned in the future. But are these guys really a good set of role models for our next generation? Let’s have a look at their individual traits and how suitable they are or are not.


Bruce Banner is a hard-working pioneer of gamma bombs, toiled by a history of a tough childhood. While he may be a little quiet, he isn’t really that bad. Unfortunately he then turns into a huge green thing, incapable of death, linguistics beyond saying ‘hulk smash’ and any intelligent thought. Role model score for this guy would have to be 1 out of 10 unless you want to child aspiring to be a huge green block of violence. The one comes from the ripped shorts that can change size to fit either character, that’s ingenious.


Every parent wants the best for their child, and they can’t help but wish they have the biggest aspirations when they grow up. Whether they want their children to be full on gods, however, is a different matter.

When considering his role model suitability, consider that he is generally a good guy, one hell of a temper, but not near that of Hulk, a massive hammer that he can throw and even fly with and attractive enough to get all the good looking girls. Come to think of it, Thor is probably one of the best. 8/10.

Iron Man 

Described on  as ‘An American Billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer,’ Iron Man is a steadfast role model for the American Dream which should be promoted by all the parents of capitalism. Only adverse qualities are shrapnel filled blood which could kill him instantly if it weren’t for the electromagnet embedded in his chest and the desire of many a comic book villain to destroy him and everything he owns- usually something to do with the weapons he sells to terrorists overseas. Does he still do that? Not on your watch, he won’t! 7/10


Probably one of the least-known from the films, Hawkeye is a good all round guy. He may have previously been a villain, and seems weak to psychic manipulation, but you know, he’s alright. 5/10

Black Widow


Captain America

Another one along the lines of Iron Man. This fella is a good example of how the little guy can become the big guy. The only negative score could be that his unwavering patriotism could get in the way of everyday tasks such as washing up or ironing. Other than that he’s top notch. 8/10 


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