Friday, 6 September 2013

Exciting bedroom ideas for children*

For a child, the bedroom can be the centre of his or her personal world.  It’s a place to curl up and feel safe, a place to play, a place to read or listen to stories, a place for the imagination to run riot.  Helping children exercise their imaginations by creating fantastic bedroom spaces can make their dreams come true.  It can make them the envy of their friends and encourage them to explore their passions.  These bedroom ideas are designed to show how even those on limited budgets can make children’s rooms look amazing. 
Through the wardrobe 
For kids that love C S Lewis books and have a reasonably sized room, this is a dream way to create a space for adventure. It simply involves taking the back out of an old wardrobe and standing it in the middle of the room, using bookshelves to reach to the walls on either side.  These should be secured firmly with brackets, the wardrobe should be packed full of coats, and a short curtain can be used so they can’t see over the top.  The side near the door can look like an ordinary bedroom but through the wardrobe they will find the walls painted with hills and forests whilst a glittering castle waits to be played with. 
Pirates’ cove 
A wooden cabin bed with a ladder and striped sheets is perfect for a young pirate’s room.  Large pieces of ships’ rigging can be hung from the ceiling while a blue carpet simulates the sea, with painted waves rising up the walls to the child’s waist height (perfect for pretend swimming).  A ceiling-mounted perch can hold a toy parrot whilst a toy monkey swings from the bed frame.  A treasure chest is handy for storage.  There should also be a Jolly Roger flag that can be hoisted up the side of the bed. 
Spaceship trip 
For kids that are into space adventures, a silver-painted room is just the thing. A wooden box-bed can also be painted silver with a few sticker ‘buttons’ and pieces of colourful plastic tubing turning it into a suspended animation unit.  California shutters can act as air vents and more buttons on top of a chest of drawers can turn it into a command console - a plasma globe makes the perfect centrepiece for this if the kids are old enough to use it safely.  Cover the ceiling and upper walls in glow-in-the-dark stars, it’s also worth hanging some on thin strands of cotton so they sway and ‘twinkle’. 
Jungle adventure 
Green or brown carpet and green painted walls are all that’s needed to kick off a jungle room look.  Pale wooden or wicker furniture fits in well and trees can be painted onto the walls.  Strips of green fabric (ensure that fabric in kids’ rooms is fire-retardant) can be used to make leaves attached to the top of these, and an old fashioned fan will add to the atmosphere whilst making them flutter.  If the kids are willing to look after them, real plants can also be added, with hardy, fast-growing ones like swamp grass and cheese plants being ideal.  Of course, it’s important not to forget the toy animals. 
With these simple ideas, an ordinary bedroom can become something that is truly remarkable. 

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