Friday, 20 September 2013

Review - Mega Bloks First Builders Range

I honestly think that every child needs Mega Bloks. They can learn, develop and just create anything they want. They can play together, with you or on their own.

Paige was sent three products from The Enterainer to try out. She got the Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, the 123 Count set and the Sonny school bus all from the first builders range. The toys are very much all ready to play with apart from the 123 Count Set. This comes with stickers which an adult must stick on. This take around 5 minutes to do, it isn't very hard but I have found that some stickers are starting to peel off at the corners just through Paige playing with them.

Paige loves these items. She loves to push the little school bus around and also tries to put too many bloks into it, she still needs to learn a bit more :) She is completely obsessed with the little man that comes with the school bus and will carry him around in her handbag. Paige started off by just knocking down the towers that I was building but now she loves nothing more than sitting and building with you or on her own. She gets a little frustrated sometimes as the bloks that came in the 123 Count set don't always fit together as snug as some of the other building bloks.

She will quite happily sit and build for a good 20 minutes on her own and even longer when you sit and play with her. If she is in a little bit of a grump the bloks are some of the only toys that actually help her get out of her mood and playing again.

I love the stickers on the 123 count set. As Paige gets older these will be good for teaching her numbers and encouraging her to learn and hopefully develop a love of numbers like her daddy. Speaking of which, Mark really enjoys playing with the mega bloks with Paige. They can happily sit and build together while spending some all important quality time together. Meaning I can sit back with a cup of tea and watch.

Has your little one got any mega bloks?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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