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Review - Nonabox September box

You might be asking yourself what is Nonabox? Well Nonabox is a subscription service that accompanies you through pregnancy and your childs first 2 years. You pop along onto the website and subscribe for £25 each month. You then wait for your box to be delivered free to your door. Once it arrives you get to discover all the fabulous products inside which always amount to more value than the £25 you pay. You can also unsubscribe to the service at any point which I think is great. You also get to personalise your box by adding your stage of pregnancy or your childs age. This way all the products you receive will be useful.

Let's get onto the products in my box. I got 7 products altogether. A Cloud B sheep, water wipes, baby cup, Beaba spoon, Ella's kitchen meal, a Gumi Gem teething necklace and a mam toothbrush. These all came beautifully packaged in a lovely box which is very good quality.

Cloud B sheep
Looks like a fabulous product. It's a sheep which folds out into a pillow and is scented with lavender. I think a lot of people and children will love this product. Personally for me the scent is a bit too strong but that's my personal taste. I'm not a fan of candles either. Strong smells give me a headache. But the pillow itself is cute, well padded and Paige loves it. The lavender can be taken out of the sheep and personally I think that's what I will do. 

Ella's kitchen meal
We love Ella's kitchen products and have since we first started weaning. I like that it was included in the box and gives you a chance to try it out if you haven't already. Paige hasn't yet tried it but i'm sure she will love it.

MAM Toothbrush
Suitable from 6 months old I love that a toothbrush is included. You can never have too many spares and Paige needs a new one. Fabulous. 

Beaba Spoon 
This spoon turns 360 degrees so the child can feed themselves and which ever way they hold the spoon it is able to go into their mouth because the handle twists. I love the idea but in reality the spoon doesn't quite live up to 360 degrees. It does 180 without a problem but then gets stuck.

Baby Cup
Such a good idea. I can't to try this out with Paige.

Water Wipes
I've heard a lot of good things about water wipes. I'm excited to try them out. Paige has reactions to a few wipes so because these are made from mostly water I'm hoping they are ok. However with two packs of 10 wipes I'm not going to be able to try them many times.

Gumi Gem teething necklace
I've actually already got one of these but always nice to have a different colour. See my review HERE.

The retail prices for each product are below. 
Cloud B sheep - £16
MAM Toothbrush- £3.50
Ella's kitchen meal- £2.19
Beaba Spoon - £7.00
Baby Cup- £1.70
Water Wipes- 60p each
Gumi Gem teething necklace- £12.95

I think that an information card with details of each product would be a nice touch but it isn't necessary. Overall I am very impressed with the Nonabox. Like I mentioned before the box is £25 with free delivery. I will be very interested to see what the next box contains.

Have you tried Nonabox?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this Nonabox purely for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. They look a lovely idea as a gift or to try out different products but seem expensive for what you get in the box.

    1. Defiantly a lovely gift. You always get products which value at a much higher price than the £25 you pay :)

  2. Great review still waiting for ours to arrive. Excited if ours contains similar stuff xx

  3. Good review hun.

    I was really excited by this and ordered one about two months ago - still waiting for it to arrive! There was no mention of it being sent out late so feeling a bit cheated right now. Also having read your review - I read elsewhere via nonabox that the contents of the box retailed at £70.00, I don't find this believable looking at the contents above. Overall I haven't had very good service really, have found their information contradicting and untrustworthy so sadly I had no choice but to cancel the subscription before the box has even arrived - who expects to wait over two months for something like this? not me...


    1. Dear Sharon We are very sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Nonabox. Our first boxes (September) have just gone out and people have been receiving them this week.

      The value of the boxes vary and are generally between £40 and £70. We will make sure this is communicated clearly, in the future.

      Please do get in touch via email to Georgina at georgina.bennett-warner@nonabox.co.uk we can get your details and send you a free box to ensure you have the proper Nonabox experience. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes The Nonabox Team.

    2. Thank you sweetie. I'm so sorry about your experience. I hope you have seen the comment left by the Nonabox team Xx

  4. Awaiting our first box. Hoping that as my little one is nearly 1yr old that we'll have some differant products. Already using the wipes, got all the feeding spoons and cups we could ever need, and he already has two cuddly toys he goes to bed with and an aroma diffuser in his room - so it's going to be a bit of a let down if it's the same as the above!

    1. Awwww what a lucky boy he is to already have all those things. I guess they can't guarantee to pick products that you won't already have. I think that is one of the draw backs to the boxes. I hope your still happy with your box x

  5. I received my 1st nonabox and was super pleased! mine contained
    cloud b sheep
    gumigem bracelet
    crawlerz babygro
    bibbetta bib
    mam bottle
    mam dummy
    and ellas kitchen food pouch

    Can't wait to see what next month brings!

    1. That sounds like a fabulous box. I'm so happy you love your box x

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Two items were missing from my box by error but Nonabox noticed before I did and had emailed me apologising. So my review is on hold until they arrive. I am still happy with my box and their customer service is fantastic too! x

  8. Have received 4 Nonaboxes I have to say that I am saddened at the levels of service that I have received and am now contacting Nonabox to cancel.

    Firstly boxes were late and I had to contact the team to which I was told they have been dispatched and will arrive soon (which came 9 days later) but with no useful information on when they would be delivered. While this could be overlooked as the box did eventually arrive what happened with the 3rd box was too much.

    The 3rd box I received had 4 different packets of food all for a baby that at the time the box was sent was not even born (which therefore goes against their "we will send products reflexting your stage of motherhood" statement) and with the food packaging stating for 6/7 months and up meaning the products which have a use by of April/May 2014 have gone past the expiry date before the baby reaches that age. After contacting Nonabox I was told this was in error and replacements would be sent and a little something extra for the inconvenience. 4 weeks after being told I would be sent replacements I was sent replacement items of a box of food again which will be of no use as the expiry was 1 month later than the original box making the baby still less than the suitable age for the product when the food expires and a toy (which was the something extra for baby to play with) which still left me 3 items of food which I had no replacements for. This together with poor communication and constantly having to chase the team for information on what was going on has not been giving Nonabox a good customer service level.

    The final decision to cancel has came from the fact that the December box has still not arrived after my money being taken weeks ago and an email stating delivery would be at Christmas.

    Very disappointing indeed.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have also had a horrible experience. My first box was fantastic... a couple of rubbish things but the sleep sheep made up for it. The second was full of food not suitable for the age of my baby, a dummy clip not suitable however a nice comforter made up for it. Just. The third box was very late and not one single product was useful- immune booster two weeks away from expiry date with no ingredients list, food once again suitable for babies younger than mine and foot cream. It was not worth the value of the box- even the replacements were cheap and not age appropriate.

    So, expect an outstanding first box the boxes full of cheap repeats.


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