Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sleeping - When To Introduce A Blanket

Paige is 15 and a half months old as up until now has slept in a sleeping bag from 3 months old. Before that we swaddled her.

She has slept perfectly well with just her sleeping bag until recently. She comes into our room and into our bed on a daily basis. She doesn't sleep there but she loves nothing more than to climb under the covers and snuggle down, normally while i'm getting ready for the day.

Lately she has been taking her cot sheet off her cot and using it like a blanket. She climbs underneath. In the morning it's normally all screwed up in a ball. 

I didn't want to introduce a pillow and blanket/duvet until she was in her big girl bed. I think we will think about introducing it when she is 2 but ultimately when she is ready. 

During the summer we tried to get her to sleep without her sleeping bag because it was so warm but she didn't like it at all. She basically wouldn't sleep, just stood up. She can stand up and walk in her sleeping bag but hardly ever does. Normally she just sits up in it. But without her sleeping bag all she wanted to do was stand up.

I'm not sure sure what to do about the sheet situation. It doesn't matter if its a flat sheet or a fitted one. 

Should I not use a sheet at all? Try her with a blanket? 

How old was your little one when they started using a blanket?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Thomas uses the very very think quilt blanket like the one you get out of bedding sets from like babies r us and sleeps well with that but thinking of getting a sleeping bag for when it starts going cold again

  2. N used to have blankets over the top of his sleep bag in winter. We moved to a duvet at 2, although once he'd finished with his summer sleep bags (I refused to buy more winter ones). He used to walk round the cot in his sleep bag, with the duvet he's only snuggled under it. I'd suggest just trying one (or a blanket whichever is available and works best). She'll get used to it quickly.

  3. Ah, or get fleecy sleepsuits with a blanket over.

  4. Rio won't tolerate covers of any type so I'm dreading the winter months (used to love being swaddled though weirdly).. May have to invest in plenty of fleecy onesies and thick pjs! X

  5. Calleigh has never had anything on top of her. We used to have to buy really warm PJ's because she refused to have anything, even a sleeping bag. Just recently she has started wanting a blanket on her (even though it's really hot)and pulls it up over her every night. She's also had a pillow for a couple of months now, I think because mummy and daddy have one she wanted one haha.

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