Monday, 16 September 2013

The Eyes Have It

I love eyes. I'm not really sure why but I find them amazing. How they work and all the different colours.

When I was pregnant everyone, including myself, was convinced that Paige would have brown eyes. Purely because of the fact that mine are so dark. Most of the time you can't even tell my pupil from the rest of my eye, that's how dark they are. So when she was born with blue eyes although they were quite a dark blue, I'll be honest I freaked out a little. Not because I was upset, to tell you the truth I didn't care what colour they were as long as she was healthy.

I always thought Mark had blue eyes. But some days they are a very light greenish colour. I was looking into eye colour the other day and realised that he actually had grey eyes. I love his eyes. I think they are so gorgeous but there was no chance in my mind that Paige would have the same colour purely because mine are so dark.

Over the first few months Paige's eyes turned green. A very dark green. I guess that makes them a perfect mix of mine and marks, I loved them. I love that they are different and to be honest I think mine are boring.

Until recently that is. A week ago I was looking at Paige from the side. I caught a glimpse of her eyes, they looked brown. A light golden brown. I freaked out. Had her eyes just changed colour I hadn't even noticed. I brought her closer to me and straight on and saw her beautiful green eyes looking back at me. Confused!

A few days ago mark was giving Paige a bath and said how he thought Paige's eyes were turning brown. I hadn't mentioned anything to him the previous day when I noticed.

Now her eyes are green with a light brown ring starting to form in the middle. You can mostly see the brown hint when she is at an angle. Straight on they are very much dark green still.

Does this mean her eyes will turn hazel, go brown completely or stay dark green?!

Childrens eye colour can change up until around 3 years of age. The biggest change happenes around 6-9 months. This was around the time Paiges turned from blue to green. I can't wait to see what happens.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. That last photo is gorgeous, she really does have beautiful big eyes, whatever shade they may end up going. ;)

  2. Paige has such beautiful eyes :) xx

  3. Their gorgeous eyes either way.. I was shocked that Rio didn't have brown eyes like me..but like you I love them!

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