Friday, 20 September 2013

Why Some Mums Avoid Bathing Their Child*

As most of you may know Paige suffers from eczema and has since she was first born. A big part of her life at the moment is her bathing and cream routine that we have in place to help control her skin and make her as comfortable as possible. I feel this is an important part of her day and to be honest it is something that I look forward to as I see that it helps Paige and her skin.
New research from the makers of Oilatum shows almost half (45%) of mums find their child's bath time one of the most stressful parts of their day.
In fact, more than one in three (36%) mums admit they sometimes avoid bathing their child because they find it so stressful. And although NHS Choices suggests bathing a child at least two or three times a week, the research shows one in five (20%) mums are bathing their child just once a week or less.
To me these figures are quite shocking. I could understand a little if the child didn't like bath time but it's such an important step for children with eczema and those without too. We are so lucky that Paige is such a water baby and loves bath time, even with all her creams.
To help support mums, the makers of Oilatum have launched Comfort Skin Therapy – a new booklet with tips and advice from experts and real parents on how to look after a child’s needs at bath and bedtime.
Professor John Harper, a Professor of Paediatric Dermatology in London with over 30 years’ experience of treating dry skin conditions, including eczema, who helped contribute to Comfort Skin Therapy said; “It’s particularly worrying that parents feel bathing could make their child’s dry skin and eczema worse – it’s actually one of the most important things they can do in managing their child’s skin. Emollients added to the bath water coat the skin with a thin film of oil, which helps restore the integrity of the skin barrier, softens the skin and prevents it from drying out.”
 The Top 5 Five Bath Time Tips for children with dry skin and eczema from Comfort Skin Therapy:
  1. All children are different and treatment for a dry skin condition, including eczema, can vary according to what works for you, however it is always important when managing dry skin conditions, to restore the ‘skin barrier’, to stop the skin becoming drier and more irritated[1]
  2. Emollients moisturise and soften the skin which can reduce itching and therefore scratching, and bathing in emollients every day helps to keep the skin supple and helps prevent infections in scratches and sore patches
  3. Add a bath emollient oil to the bath water to help prevent the skin from drying out – try to choose one designed specifically for children with dry skin
  4. The temperature of the bath water should not be too warm or hot – try to match the bath water as close to the bathroom air temperature as you can as changes in temperature can aggravate dry skin
  5. After the bath, pat your child’s skin dry (try to avoid ‘rubbing’ the skin too much with the towel), and then apply an emollient moisturiser to all areas of dry skin to help seal the water back in.
To request a copy of the Comfort Skin Therapy booklet, simply email or visit netmums for more information.


  1. We dont bath Rio everynight.. Never have. We usually do 3 nights a week :)

  2. Thomas use to absolutely hate having baths and it was an awful time of the day for us both but its just something you have to get on with you cant just stop bathing your baby. Now he has gone the opposite way we fight when its time to come out the bath and I definitely can't bath him before bed because it sends him loopy, seriously he runs round like someone gone mad after a bath

  3. Baby Arthur has really bad eczema. We give him a quick bath every night as part of his bedtime routine. Add emollient oil so he doesn't dry out. He screams the house down when applying his creams after but I wouldn't avoid it as I know it's good for his skin!
    What creams have worked for Paige? We've tried a few now. Cetraban seems to be keeping the flare ups at bay! Xx

    1. I haven't heard of that cream before. At the moment we are using a steroid cream and Aveeno. Thats working right now and although I hate using the steroid cream its the only thing that helps in a flare up x


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