Monday, 21 October 2013

17 Months Old

Only 1 more month until Paige is 18 months old. That's 4 little weeks. That will also be the month that her mummy and daddy get married. November will be a big month for us :)

I say it all the time but I really can't believe how fast it is going, crazy.

This month Paige has come along quite a lot.The main thing is her speech. She hasn't said a whole lot of extra words in fact she has only learnt one more which was more. But she tries to copy us now when we say something or make a noise. She was also watching a cartoon and it had a lion on which roared and she actually roared back at the tv! It was so cute.

Since we started weaning Paige she has refused to eat banana. She would laugh at me while I was eating it and never wanted to touch it never mind eat it. This month that all changed. Its now her new favourite fruit along with plums. So strange how their likes and dislikes can just change. Not liking something for 10 months and then loving it!

She also kisses a lot this month. She will kiss her teddies and toys and us. She even makes us kiss her teddies. She loves nothing more than cuddling up with them and us. I have to say I am loving it. She is also very much a mummy's girl.

Paige is also getting very good at dressing herself. She normally puts things on the wrong way or on the wrong body part but she will get there. She has almost figured out trousers and tops end up just on her arms.

She loves feeding Millie treats and has learnt how to nicely stroke her this month. There getting such a strong bond now.

She got her 4th molar this month and now has 11 teeth. I'm sure she has her 4th bottom tooth coming in. A lot of screaming and finger chewing. Poor thing :(

Her sleep as been ok this month. Some good nights and some bad. The bad ones result in a 2-3 hours wake up around 3/4am.

I think that's about everything for this month.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. She is so gorgeous Nicola, I love the first photo of her and the photo of the two of you! Can't wait to see what next month will bring for you all- what an exciting month! x

    1. Thank you sweetie. It defiantly will be an exciting month! I can't wait xx


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