Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Baby Eczema - Update

I have titled this baby eczema but in fact Paige isn't a baby anymore. She still has her eczema and has now for over a year. Its hard to believe that she still has it. I never imagined it would last this long but it is very common. 

During the summer Paige's skin was amazing. The sun helped so much. Don't get me wrong I didn't sit her in the sun for hours on end but even a 10 minute play in the park helped so much. 

Winter always brings the worst out in Paige's eczema. I think that's pretty common too. The cold weather and change in temperature can irritate the skin. The worst thing for Paige is the itchy. We have started our morning and night skin routine again and this helps to clear and flare ups a lot. I also apply her Aveeno throughout the day whenever I see her itching.

We've come a long way with Paige's skin
Her eczema has also progressed. Before it was mostly on her face. Now it tends to be in typical eczema places, behind the knees and elbows. She does still have it on her hands and feet. Her face rarely gets flare ups but when it does I can normally get on top of them pretty quickly. 

I hope that by next winter she has grown out of it but if not we will be even more prepared then!

How is winter for your child's eczema?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Aw poor thing, it's awful. I've had it since I was3 weeks old so 22years now. Your keeping on top of it which is the best thing to do. Hope it goes away soon for her xxx

    1. Awwww. Thats sweetie. It's hard work sometimes but we will get through it xx

  2. hi, my sister has twin boys both with eczema. she uses a cream called Vaseline problem skin therapy and it works beautifully. Although when she stops using it it returns sometimes. but it may be easier than continually having to apply lotion. try it out just as you would apply cream after baths and before getting dressed. :)

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