Thursday, 3 October 2013

Daddy Haul - Autumn/Winter 13

Mark went shopping again! I love it when he goes shopping for Paige. I love to think of him walking around the shop picking things out for our little princess.

I thought I would do another little haul to show you everything which he got. He went to Next as always. It is by far one of his favourite shops for Paige. I must admit they do have some pretty cute things.

The first three things he got were a jumper, a jumper dress and some tights. I love all of these items, the jumper screams girly which I love and the jumper dress has a panda on! Perfect. The jumper dress was £18 though. I wouldn't of paid that much for it as I think it's a bit steep but he thought it could be used for a nice occasion.

Next up is tops. Long sleeved tops were a must. I had told him to look out for some as it's getting chilly now and Paige only really has t shirts. He found these. A 3 pack and a 2 pack. I love both sets. They will go with a lot of items and are so cute. The set of 3 was around £10.50 and the 2 pack was around £12.50. They are super soft and brilliant quality. Mark picked these items because he thought they were sweet.

Last up was trousers. He got Paige three different pairs. My personal favorites are the first pair but I love them all. They were each around £10/11. Mark wasn't too sure i'd like the first pair but he loves them. He also thought Paige would look funny in the jeans as they are skinny fit and she has cute chunky legs. He got the pink cords because I love pink! Bless him.

Paige's autumn/winter wardrobe is coming along nicely now. I do want to get her some boots of some sort... I'd love to get her Uggs but i'm not sure I can justify the price. Plus I'd love some Uggs too! Hehe. 

Overall I think he did very well. What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Mark did good! They are all lovely! I can't wait to see Paige in the panda dress. So sweet! x

  2. Well done Mark!! Rio's wardrobe is 90% next..because its lovely..and because I work there..que no wages..ever!

  3. I'm badass at shopping!! ;-)


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