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Guest Post - I do. Why it should be about you!

On the run up to the wedding I thought it would be nice to have a few guest posts from bloggers about their wedding or their feelings towards wedding.
First up we have Eleanor from A life of loveliness.
Nicola Xx
Let’s get this clear first of all, I am wedding mad. Always have been and always will be. Despite being EXTREMELY HAPPILY married, I will always melt when walking past wedding dress shops and love nothing more than a good nose at other people’s wedding snaps. We were married two and a half years ago and I still can’t bring myself to have my dress packed away. She still hangs beautifully in our spare room and every time I peep inside the zip of the bag, I am instantly taken back to that amazing day. A truly special day.
But why do I love weddings? Yes, there is the prettiness, the chance to indulge in yourselves (that’s you and your partner by the way) and to plan that fairy tale day. This is all about the personal touch. Making the day all about the two of you and is very important. Obviously, on the other hand, there is the most important part. The part where you and a very special person want the world to know that you are in love and that you know that love is forever. Some may say ‘but why do you need a wedding to show that?’ Very fair comment. For us, it was all about the celebration. Having a huge party with all the people you love and care for and for them to celebrate your love and happiness. I guess if you don’t want that, then you won’t be reading this post.
More than ever, there is a huge pressure to have a wedding that rivals a close friend or family member’s or sadly, a celebrity. This makes me very sad. Right from the start, when we were planning our special day, the condition was that it had to be about us. There was no room for extras that we felt we ‘should’ have. Besides, what a waste of money. We have been to fantastic weddings where there have been all the canapés you can eat on arrival. Brilliant. They totally matched the people who were getting married. That was their day. We don’t particularly like canapés, so why would we pay for something we wouldn’t eat – on our day? Instead, we got our sisters, niece and nephew to make and decorate heart shaped cookies and had bowls or crisps and nuts. Far more us. I’m sure people were taken aback at the lack of canapés, but hope they then realised we had done our thing and enjoyed every mouthful!
I’m not the most organised person in the world and I’m definitely not a control freak, but this was my special day and I really didn’t want to feel that someone else had made decisions on my behalf. Therefore, I wanted my hand in all the details! ALL the flowers on the tables were arranged by me, my mum and sisters.  We had an amazing time and it really prolonged the fun and the exciting build up. At 11pm the night before, we were sitting on my living room floor surrounded by buckets of flowers, drinking fizz and making the bouquets! I don’t follow the crowd, so was happy to see how things went that night. It was so exciting not knowing what my bouquet would be like until the night before. I loved it. Another personal touch.
It might sound very me, me, me, but it really was not. My lovely husband, Stephen had just as much say in the special day. From the busker we found in Bath playing when people arrived, to the playlists for food and evening dancing (we did this all via our ipods and saved a huge amount of money!) He designed (painted in watercolour) our save the dates and invitations and we loved working together to create our table plan, name cards, all the décor, you name it – we did it. The day really was made by us and we really think this was clear to all our guests. It was our special day, that everyone enjoyed.
It really was the best day ever. I don’t regret a thing, there isn’t anything I would change (well, I would throw my bouquet because I was so busy dancing that I forgot!) Your special day should be exactly that. Yours and special.  It is all about you. If you love having people to plan things for you – great, go for it. If you have an endless budget – great, spend it. If you want to get married in your garden with five guests – good for you! Just make it about you and your love. We saved so much money and not through being tight fisted, merely because we didn’t do anything unnecessary. We planned, thought carefully and if we could do something ourselves, or knew someone that could, we did just that. It definitely added to the personal feeling of the day.
Make your ‘I do’ all about you!


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