Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Guest Post - Our Perfect Day

My next blogger in my wedding series is the lovely Sarah. A great friend of mine with a little boy called Thomas who is the same age as Paige. Take it away Sarah..

Hi I’m Sarah and I blog over at today I am sharing my wedding experience.  My husband and I have just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and I don’t know where the last two years have gone.

We got engaged on the 27th May 2010 which two years later turned out to be Thomas’s birth date but that’s another story. We immediately started planning our wedding after we got engaged as neither of us wanted a long engagement and to be honest I am not the most patient person when it comes to planning things I want everything done yesterday. 

The first thing we got ticked off our list was the venue so that we could get the date sorted and then we would know how much money we would need to save. There weren't a lot of places around where we live that were suitable as we wanted somewhere nice, with nice grounds for photos, somewhere that we could have the whole day as we had family traveling from up and down the country so we didn't want people to do more traveling on the actual day. We found a lovely hotel which was actually the second place we looked at.
The most exciting thing for me was obviously trying on dresses I tried on all different dresses before I found the one I fell in love with and got it ordered about a year before my wedding which was pretty early but when you find the “one” you have to nab it.  Over the next few months we slowly got all the big things ticked off like the cake and the photographer and once we had those secured we started to look in to sorting the venue dressing out and deciding how we wanted our wedding to look and feel. We did look in to dressing the venue ourselves but given the fact we were getting married at 12pm it would have been too much of a rush so we decided the best thing to do would be to pay a little more and get it done professionally.

My biggest panic was my bridesmaids dresses I had my heart set of a dusty pink shade dress but could I find dresses in that colour? Could I heck and I was quick running out of time to get them ordered in time so I had to slightly change my colour scheme slightly and get dresses in a light champagne colour which in the end I actually thought they look a lot nicer.
The week before the wedding the nerves really kicked in… was it nerves or morning sickness, 2 weeks before the wedding I found out I was pregnant and the week before the nausea had really kicked in which wasn't the best. The best thing about the whole day was the fact David and I had a special little secret our first baby was there sharing the day with us it made the day so much more special.
Everything went perfectly on the day I honestly couldn't have wished for anything better. Everybody commented on what a great relaxed day it had been and David and I had a perfect day which was all that mattered.


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