Saturday, 12 October 2013

REVIEW - Wrappz Personalised Phone Case

Wrappz personalised phone cases are a step up from the average personalised phone case. They not only look good but they also offer great protection for your device. Now i'm not saying put a Wrappz case on your phone and then drop it to the floor and all will be fine but the Wrappz case has protected my phone when Paige has dropped it inside the house. I also dropped my phone outside the house by accident and it survived.

Wrappz cases can be personalised with your own picture and text to create a totally unique phone case just for you.

To create your case you simply pick if you want a skin or a case, then pick your device, next you pick a picture and any other personalisation and then order. It really is that simple. I was actually a little worried that I had forgotten to do something, it was that easy.

My case arrived 4 days after I ordered. A super quick delivery! I must say I was very impressed. The case also came with instructions on how to apply a skin just in case you ordered one.

The quality of the case is very good. The case feels good, if that makes sense. I hold my phone a lot and so hold the case a lot and i've noticed that with my Wrappz case on my phone feels lovely to hold. Its smooth and lovely quality.

Of course I had to get Paige's picture on my personalised iPhone 4 case. I wanted a slightly updated picture of her as all my other cases have older pictures of her. I love that if I want to show anyone what she looks like I can just give them my phone and tell them to flip it over to reveal the case.

The Wrappz case does just that and wraps around your phone. The picture also wraps around the sides of the case. This gives the case a nicer and more complete look.

While using the case I've had a few people comment on it and ask where I got it. 

The case retails at £18.97 which is more expensive than some personalised phone cases but in my opinion the quality is worth it. I may know a few people who will be getting Wrappz phone cases for Christmas :)

Wrappz make cases for all types of phones and tablets. They also make skins. Skins are a type of personalised sticker that stick on to your device. They are the ultimate in personalisation and you get don't the bulky effect that a case adds. 

If you use the code freeskinWrappz are offering all my readers a free personalised skin when you visit the site here. All you have to do is pay postage! 

Let me know if you order a skin :)

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this phone case for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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